AltPamBanAddAccountTypeClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
AlterAdContentTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
AlterPamLogAddFieldParentIdClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
Demo::addRow() — Method in class Demo

Add Row.

$ FormBaseWidget#ajaxProperty in class FormBaseWidget
$ FormText#ajaxProperty in class FormText
ListPoppyEditable::actions() — Method in class ListPoppyEditable
ListPoppyIndex::actions() — Method in class ListPoppyIndex
ApiDocControllerClass in namespace Demo\Http\Request\Api\Web
SsoController::access() — Method in class SsoController
$ DemoWebapp#account_idProperty in class DemoWebapp
AdClass in namespace Poppy\Ad\Action
$ Ad#adTableProperty in class Ad
AdContentClass in namespace Poppy\Ad\Models
$ AdContent#actionProperty in class AdContent
$ AdContent#action_valueProperty in class AdContent
AdPlaceClass in namespace Poppy\Ad\Models
AdContentFilterClass in namespace Poppy\Ad\Models\Filters
AdPlaceFilterClass in namespace Poppy\Ad\Models\Filters
AdPlacePolicyClass in namespace Poppy\Ad\Models\Policies
ActStsClass in namespace Poppy\AliyunOss\Action
AliPushChannelClass in namespace Poppy\AliyunPush\Channels
AliPushClass in namespace Poppy\AliyunPush\Classes
$ Config#androidChannelProperty in class Config
$ Config#androidAppKeyProperty in class Config
$ Config#accessKeyProperty in class Config

Aliyun Access Key

$ Config#accessSecretProperty in class Config

Aliyun Access Secret

$ Config#androidActivityProperty in class Config
$ BaseClient#androidChannelProperty in class BaseClient
$ BaseClient#androidAppKeyProperty in class BaseClient
$ BaseClient#accessKeyProperty in class BaseClient

Aliyun Access Key

$ BaseClient#accessSecretProperty in class BaseClient

Aliyun Access Secret

$ BaseClient#androidActivityProperty in class BaseClient
AliPushChannelClass in namespace Poppy\AliyunPush\Contracts
AreaClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Action
$ Area#areaProperty in class Area
$ Area#areaIdProperty in class Area
$ Area#areaTableProperty in class Area
AreaClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Classes\Form\Field
AreaClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Classes\Grid\Filter
AreaClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Classes\Grid\Filter\Presenter
$ FormAreaEstablish#ajaxProperty in class FormAreaEstablish
ListArea::actions() — Method in class ListArea
AreaControllerClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Http\Request\ApiV1\Web
AreaContentFilterClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Models\Filters
AreaContentResourceClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Models\Resources
Formatter::addColumns() — Method in class Formatter
RbacRoleContract::attachPermission() — Method in class RbacRoleContract

Attach permission to current role.

RbacRoleContract::attachPermissions() — Method in class RbacRoleContract

Attach multiple permissions to current role.

RbacUserContract::ability() — Method in class RbacUserContract

Checks role(s) and permission(s).

RbacUserContract::attachRole() — Method in class RbacUserContract

Alias to eloquent many-to-many relation's attach() method.

RbacUserContract::attachRoles() — Method in class RbacUserContract

Attach multiple roles to a user

$ RbacAbility#authProperty in class RbacAbility
$ RbacRole#authProperty in class RbacRole
$ Rbac#appProperty in class Rbac

Laravel application

Rbac::ability() — Method in class Rbac

Check if the current user has a role or permission by its name

RbacRoleTrait::attachPermission() — Method in class RbacRoleTrait

Attach permission to current role.

RbacRoleTrait::attachPermissions() — Method in class RbacRoleTrait

Attach multiple permissions to current role.

RbacUserTrait::ability() — Method in class RbacUserTrait

Checks role(s) and permission(s).

RbacUserTrait::attachRole() — Method in class RbacUserTrait

Alias to eloquent many-to-many relation's attach() method.

RbacUserTrait::attachRoles() — Method in class RbacUserTrait

Attach multiple roles to a user

RdsList::all() — Method in class RdsList
RdsNative::append() — Method in class RdsNative

如果键 key 已经存在并且它的值是一个字符串, APPEND 命令将把 value 追加到键 key 现有值的末尾。 如果 key 不存在, APPEND 就简单地将键 key 的值设为 value , 就像执行 SET key value 一样。 追加 value 之后, 键 key 的值的长度

RdsStore::at() — Method in class RdsStore

单KEY 存储多条数据

AopCertClientClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop

Aop 证书模式

$ AopCertClient#appCertSNProperty in class AopCertClient
$ AopCertClient#alipayRootCertSNProperty in class AopCertClient
$ AopCertClient#alipayRootCertContentProperty in class AopCertClient
$ AopCertClient#appIdProperty in class AopCertClient
$ AopCertClient#apiVersionProperty in class AopCertClient
$ AopCertClient#alipayPublicKeyProperty in class AopCertClient
$ AopCertClient#alipayrsaPublicKeyProperty in class AopCertClient
$ AopCertClient#alipaySdkVersionProperty in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::alonersaSign() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertEncryptClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop
AopCertEncrypt::array2string() — Method in class AopCertEncrypt
AopCertEncrypt::addressingUp() — Method in class AopCertEncrypt
AopCertEncrypt::addressingDown() — Method in class AopCertEncrypt
AopClientClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop

Aop = Ali Open Platform 文档地址: https://docs.open.alipay.com/200

$ AopClient#alipaySdkVersionProperty in class AopClient
AopClient::aloneRsaSign() — Method in class AopClient
AopEncryptClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop

加密工具类, 此工具类仅仅用于 AopClient 使用

AopEncrypt::addPKCS7Padding() — Method in class AopEncrypt
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.fund.trans.order.query request

AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.fund.trans.toaccount.transfer request

AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.fund.trans.uni.transfer request

AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.system.oauth.token request

AlipayTradeAppPayRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.trade.app.pay request

AlipayTradePagePayRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.trade.page.pay request

AlipayTradeQueryRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.trade.query request

AlipayTradeRefundRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.trade.refund request

AlipayTradeWapPayRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.trade.wap.pay request

AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.user.certify.open.certify request

AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.user.certify.open.initialize request

AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop\Request

ALIPAY API: alipay.user.certify.open.query request

IpContract::area() — Method in class IpContract

获取地址信息, 中文

Mon17::area() — Method in class Mon17

获取地址信息, 中文

Qqwry::area() — Method in class Qqwry

获取地址信息, 中文

Iban::alphaToNumber() — Method in class Iban

Converts letter to number

$ Generator#addressProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#amPmProperty in class Generator
Generator::addProvider() — Method in class Generator
Generator::amPm() — Method in class Generator
Generator::asciify() — Method in class Generator
AddressClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider
$ Address#addressFormatsProperty in class Address
Address::address() — Method in class Address
Base::asciify() — Method in class Base

Replaces * signs with random numbers and letters and special characters

$ Color#allColorNamesProperty in class Color
DateTime::amPm() — Method in class DateTime
Text::appendEnd() — Method in class Text
AddressClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\en_US
$ Address#addressFormatsProperty in class Address
PhoneNumber::areaCode() — Method in class PhoneNumber

NPA-format area code

AddressClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\zh_CN
$ Address#areasProperty in class Address
Address::area() — Method in class Address
Address::address() — Method in class Address
$ Color#allColorNamesProperty in class Color
DateTime::amPm() — Method in class DateTime
AddressClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\zh_TW
$ Address#addressFormatsProperty in class Address
$ Color#allColorNamesProperty in class Color
DateTime::amPm() — Method in class DateTime
Text::appendEnd() — Method in class Text
ApiControllerClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Application

Api Controller

ClassLoader::addDirectories() — Method in class ClassLoader
$ ConsoleTable#allBordersProperty in class ConsoleTable
ConsoleTable::addBorderLine() — Method in class ConsoleTable

Add horizontal border line

Number::abs() — Method in class Number

将当前数字设置为自身的绝对值 Sets the current number to the absolute value of itself

Number::add() — Method in class Number

加法运算 Adds the given number to the current number

AppTraitClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Classes\Traits
$ HasAttributesTrait#attributesProperty in class HasAttributesTrait
AjaxExceptionClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Exceptions
ApplicationExceptionClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Exceptions
ArithmeticExceptionClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Exceptions
ApplicationClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Foundation

poppy Application

ArrayHelperClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Helper
EnvHelper::agent() — Method in class EnvHelper
StrHelper::addSlashes() — Method in class StrHelper
$ TreeHelper#arrProperty in class TreeHelper
Repository::all() — Method in class Repository

Get all modules.

FileRepository::all() — Method in class FileRepository

Get all modules.

$ Poppy#appProperty in class Poppy
Poppy::all() — Method in class Poppy
Translator::addLines() — Method in class Translator

Add translation lines to the given locale.

Rule::array() — Method in class Rule
Rule::alpha() — Method in class Rule
Rule::alphaDash() — Method in class Rule

验证的字段可能具有字母、数字、破折号( - )以及下划线( _ )

Rule::alphaNum() — Method in class Rule
Rule::after() — Method in class Rule
Rule::afterOrEqual() — Method in class Rule
ListPamAccount::actions() — Method in class ListPamAccount
ListPamBan::actions() — Method in class ListPamBan
ListPamRole::actions() — Method in class ListPamRole
ListPamToken::actions() — Method in class ListPamToken
ApiControllerClass in namespace Poppy\MgrPage\Http\Request\Develop

Api 文档控制器

ApiController::apiData() — Method in class ApiController

获取生成的 api 数据

$ FormSensWordEstablish#ajaxProperty in class FormSensWordEstablish
ListSensitiveWord::actions() — Method in class ListSensitiveWord
AliyunSmsProviderClass in namespace Poppy\Sms\Classes
$ SmsApi#apiSendUrlProperty in class SmsApi
$ SmsApi#apiVariableUrlProperty in class SmsApi
$ SmsApi#apiBalanceQueryUrlProperty in class SmsApi
$ SmsApi#apiSendCtyUrlProperty in class SmsApi
$ SmsApi#apiAccountProperty in class SmsApi
$ SmsApi#apiPasswordProperty in class SmsApi
StoreController::aliyun() — Method in class StoreController
ApidocClass in namespace Poppy\System\Action

Apidoc 读取

Ban::allow() — Method in class Ban
Pam::autoEnable() — Method in class Pam
ActionClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Actions
$ Action#attributesProperty in class Action
Action::attribute() — Method in class Action
BatchAction::actionScript() — Method in class BatchAction
Dialog::addSettings() — Method in class Dialog
Dialog::addScript() — Method in class Dialog
Form::addElementAttr() — Method in class Form
Form::addField() — Method in class Form
Form::addModalHtml() — Method in class Form
Form::addScript() — Method in class Form
$ Interactor#actionProperty in class Interactor
Interactor::addScript() — Method in class Interactor
$ RowAction#asColumnProperty in class RowAction
RowAction::asColumn() — Method in class RowAction

Show this action as a column.

JwtAuthGuard::attempt() — Method in class JwtAuthGuard

Attempt to authenticate the user using the given credentials and return the token.

ApiSignContractClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Contracts
$ Form#availableFieldsProperty in class Form

Available fields.

Form::alias() — Method in class Form

Set form field alias.

Form::ajaxResponse() — Method in class Form

Get ajax response.

$ Builder#actionProperty in class Builder
Builder::addHiddenField() — Method in class Builder
Builder::addRedirectUrlField() — Method in class Builder

Add field for store redirect url after update or store.

$ Field#attributesProperty in class Field

Element attributes.

Field::attribute() — Method in class Field

Add html attributes to elements.

Field::autofocus() — Method in class Field

Set the field automatically get focus.

Field::addElementClass() — Method in class Field

Add the element class.

Field::addRequiredAttribute() — Method in class Field

Add required attribute to current field if has required rule, except file and image fields.

Field::addRequiredAttributeFromRules() — Method in class Field

If has required rule, add required attribute to this field.

Field::addVariables() — Method in class Field

Add variables to field view.

$ Date#attributesProperty in class Date
$ Datetime#attributesProperty in class Datetime
File::audio() — Method in class File
MultiImage::auto() — Method in class MultiImage
Column::add() — Method in class Column

Add a filter to this column.

Layout::addField() — Method in class Layout

Add a filter to layout column.

Tab::append() — Method in class Tab

Append a tab section.

$ Tools#appendsProperty in class Tools

Tools should be appends to default tools.

Tools::append() — Method in class Tools

Append a tools.

$ PlainInput#appendProperty in class PlainInput
PlainInput::append() — Method in class PlainInput
Grid::applyColumnFilter() — Method in class Grid

Apply column filter to grid query.

Grid::applyColumnSearch() — Method in class Grid

Apply column search to grid query.

Grid::applyQuery() — Method in class Grid
Grid::addDefaultColumns() — Method in class Grid

添加多选 / 操作项目

$ Column#attributesProperty in class Column

Attributes of column.

Column::action() — Method in class Column

Display column using a grid row action.

CheckFilter::addBinding() — Method in class CheckFilter

Add a binding to the query.

Filter::addBinding() — Method in class Filter

Add a query binding.

HasHeader::addHeader() — Method in class HasHeader

Add contents to column header.

HasHeader::addFilter() — Method in class HasHeader

Add a filter to column header.

InputFilter::addBinding() — Method in class InputFilter

Add a binding to the query.

InputFilter::addScript() — Method in class InputFilter

Add script to page.

RangeFilter::addBinding() — Method in class RangeFilter

Add a binding to the query.

RangeFilter::addScript() — Method in class RangeFilter
$ HasActions#actionsCallbackProperty in class HasActions

Callback for grid actions.

$ HasActions#actionsClassProperty in class HasActions

Actions column display class.

HasActions::actions() — Method in class HasActions

Set grid action callback.

HasFilter::applyFilter() — Method in class HasFilter
HasQuickButton::appendQuickButton() — Method in class HasQuickButton

Get create url.

HasQuickSearch::applyQuickSearch() — Method in class HasQuickSearch

Apply the search query to the query.

HasQuickSearch::addWhereBindings() — Method in class HasQuickSearch

Add where bindings.

HasQuickSearch::addWhereLikeBinding() — Method in class HasQuickSearch

Add where like binding to model query.

HasQuickSearch::addWhereDatetimeBinding() — Method in class HasQuickSearch

Add where date time function binding to model query.

HasQuickSearch::addWhereInBinding() — Method in class HasQuickSearch

Add where in binding to the model query.

HasQuickSearch::addWhereBetweenBinding() — Method in class HasQuickSearch

Add where between binding to the model query.

HasQuickSearch::addWhereBasicBinding() — Method in class HasQuickSearch

Add where basic binding to the model query.

HasSelector::applySelectorQuery() — Method in class HasSelector

Apply selector query to grid model query.

HasTotalRow::addTotalRow() — Method in class HasTotalRow
AbstractDisplayerClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Displayer
ActionsClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Displayer
$ Actions#appendsProperty in class Actions
$ Actions#actionsProperty in class Actions

Default actions.

Actions::append() — Method in class Actions

Append a action.

AbstractExporterClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Exporters
$ Filter#actionProperty in class Filter
Filter::addFilter() — Method in class Filter

Add a filter to grid.

AbstractFilterClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter

Class AbstractFilter.

Column::addFilter() — Method in class Column

Add a filter to this column.

Layout::addFilter() — Method in class Layout

Add a filter to layout column.

Select::ajax() — Method in class Select

Load options from ajax.

Model::addConditions() — Method in class Model

Add conditions to grid model.

$ Row#attributesProperty in class Row

Attributes of row.

Tools::append() — Method in class Tools

Append tools.

Tools::appendDefaultTools() — Method in class Tools

Append default tools.

AbstractToolClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Tools
AbstractTool::allowed() — Method in class AbstractTool

If the tool is allowed.

ActionButtonClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Tools
Selector::addSelector() — Method in class Selector
Column::append() — Method in class Column

Append content to column.

Content::addRow() — Method in class Content

Add Row.

Row::addColumn() — Method in class Row
LogViewer::all() — Method in class LogViewer
FieldFilterTrait::account() — Method in class FieldFilterTrait
$ FormWidget#ajaxProperty in class FormWidget
$ FormWidget#attributesProperty in class FormWidget
FormWidget::attribute() — Method in class FormWidget

Add form attributes.

FormWidget::action() — Method in class FormWidget

Action uri of the form.

Widget::attributeElement() — Method in class Widget

Build a single attribute element.

$ FormBanEstablish#ajaxProperty in class FormBanEstablish
$ FormMailStore#ajaxProperty in class FormMailStore
$ FormPamDisable#ajaxProperty in class FormPamDisable
$ FormPamEnable#ajaxProperty in class FormPamEnable
$ FormPamEstablish#ajaxProperty in class FormPamEstablish
$ FormPamPassword#ajaxProperty in class FormPamPassword
$ FormPassword#ajaxProperty in class FormPassword
$ FormRoleEstablish#ajaxProperty in class FormRoleEstablish
$ FormSettingBase#ajaxProperty in class FormSettingBase
ListBase::actions() — Method in class ListBase
ListBase::addRelationColumn() — Method in class ListBase

Add a relation column to grid.

ListBase::addJsonColumn() — Method in class ListBase

Add a json type column to grid.

ListBase::addColumn() — Method in class ListBase

Add column to grid.

ListContract::actions() — Method in class ListContract
AppSignClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Middlewares

是否开启App 接口加密

AuthenticateClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Middlewares

Class Authenticate.

Authenticate::authenticate() — Method in class Authenticate
AuthenticateSessionClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Middlewares

User Session Auth Validation If User Password Changed, Other User In Session are logout 注意项目 :

  1. 用户登录成功之后需要触发重新计算 password_hash, 如果不清空则二次登录的时候会自动再次退出一次
  2. 此中间件需要放置在 auth:xx 之后
$ AuthenticateSession#authProperty in class AuthenticateSession
AuthControllerClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Request\ApiV1\Web
AuthController::access() — Method in class AuthController
$ PamBan#account_typeProperty in class PamBan
$ PamLog#account_idProperty in class PamLog
$ PamLog#account_typeProperty in class PamLog
$ PamLog#area_textProperty in class PamLog
$ PamLog#area_nameProperty in class PamLog
$ PamRoleAccount#account_idProperty in class PamRoleAccount
$ PamToken#account_idProperty in class PamToken
SysConfig::applyKey() — Method in class SysConfig
ApiInfoClass in namespace Poppy\System\Services
Version::allowCopy() — Method in class Version
$ FormVersionEstablish#ajaxProperty in class FormVersionEstablish
ListAppVersion::actions() — Method in class ListAppVersion


Demo::body() — Method in class Demo

Alias of method row.

Demo::build() — Method in class Demo

Build html of content.

RouteServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class RouteServiceProvider

Define your route model bindings, pattern filters, etc.

$ DemoWebapp#bProperty in class DemoWebapp
ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.

Place::builder() — Method in class Place
RouteServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class RouteServiceProvider

Define your route model bindings, pattern filters, etc.

ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.

ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application events.

BindTagClass in namespace Poppy\AliyunPush\Classes
BindTag::bindDevice() — Method in class BindTag
BaseClientClass in namespace Poppy\AliyunPush\Classes\Sender
ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application events.

RouteServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class RouteServiceProvider

Define your route model bindings, pattern filters, etc.

ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.

Document::bulk() — Method in class Document
ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.

RbacServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class RbacServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.

RbacPermissionTrait::boot() — Method in class RbacPermissionTrait

Boot the permission model Attach event listener to remove the many-to-many records when trying to delete Will NOT delete any records if the permission model uses soft deletes.

RbacRoleTrait::boot() — Method in class RbacRoleTrait

Boot the role model Attach event listener to remove the many-to-many records when trying to delete Will NOT delete any records if the role model uses soft deletes.

RbacUserTrait::boot() — Method in class RbacUserTrait

Boot the user model Attach event listener to remove the many-to-many records when trying to delete Will NOT delete any records if the user model uses soft deletes.

RdsNative::bLPop() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::bRPop() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::bRPopLPush() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::bitCount() — Method in class RdsNative

计算给定字符串中,被设置为 1 的比特位的数量

RdsNative::bitPos() — Method in class RdsNative

返回位图中第一个值为 bit 的二进制位的位置。 在默认情况下, 命令将检测整个位图, 但用户也可以通过可选的 start 参数和 end 参数指定要检测的范围。

RdsNative::bitField() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::bitOp() — Method in class RdsNative

对一个或多个保存二进制位的字符串 key 进行位元操作,并将结果保存到 destkey 上

ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.

ServiceForm::builder() — Method in class ServiceForm
AopCertClient::buildRequestForm() — Method in class AopCertClient
ExtensionServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ExtensionServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application events.

ExtensionServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ExtensionServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application events.

WxPayRequest::bizpayurl() — Method in class WxPayRequest

生成二维码规则,模式一生成支付二维码 appid、mchid、spbill_create_ip、nonce_str不需要填入

$ Generator#buildingNumberProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#bsProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#bankAccountNumberProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#booleanProperty in class Generator
Generator::boolean() — Method in class Generator
Generator::bothify() — Method in class Generator
Generator::biasedNumberBetween() — Method in class Generator
$ Address#buildingNumberProperty in class Address
Address::buildingNumber() — Method in class Address
BarcodeClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider
BaseClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider
Base::bothify() — Method in class Base

Replaces hash signs ('#') and question marks ('?') with random numbers and letters An asterisk ('*') is replaced with either a random number or a random letter

BiasedClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider
Biased::biasedNumberBetween() — Method in class Biased

Returns a biased integer between $min and $max (both inclusive).

Miscellaneous::boolean() — Method in class Miscellaneous

Return a boolean, true or false.

$ Text#baseTextProperty in class Text
$ Address#buildingNumberProperty in class Address
$ Company#bsWordsProperty in class Company
Company::bs() — Method in class Company
Payment::bankAccountNumber() — Method in class Payment
Payment::bankRoutingNumber() — Method in class Payment
$ Text#baseTextProperty in class Text

Project Gutenberg's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll

$ Payment#banksProperty in class Payment
Payment::bank() — Method in class Payment
$ Company#bsWordsProperty in class Company
Company::bs() — Method in class Company
$ Text#baseTextProperty in class Text

Title: 吶喊 Call to Arms (1922) Author: 魯迅 Lu Xun Language: Traditional Chinese

$ ClassLoader#basePathProperty in class ClassLoader
ClassLoader::build() — Method in class ClassLoader
$ ConsoleTable#borderProperty in class ConsoleTable
Number::baseConvert() — Method in class Number

进制转换 Converts a number between arbitrary bases (from 2 to 36)

ConsoleServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ConsoleServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application services.

MakeListenerCommand::buildClass() — Method in class MakeListenerCommand

Build the class with the given name.

BaseExceptionClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Exceptions
Application::bootstrapPath() — Method in class Application

Get the path to the bootstrap directory.

Application::bindPathsInContainer() — Method in class Application

绑定路径到 container

RegisterClassLoader::bootstrap() — Method in class RegisterClassLoader

注册 Loader

$ Kernel#bootstrappersProperty in class Kernel
$ Kernel#bootstrappersProperty in class Kernel

The bootstrap classes for the application.

FrameworkServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class FrameworkServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application events.

ImgHelper::buildStr() — Method in class ImgHelper
StrHelper::batchConvert() — Method in class StrHelper
BladeServiceProviderClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Http
BladeServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class BladeServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application services.

PoppyServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class PoppyServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application services.

PoppyServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class PoppyServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application events.

PoppyServiceProvider::bootPolicies() — Method in class PoppyServiceProvider
PoppyServiceProvider::bootListener() — Method in class PoppyServiceProvider
Rule::before() — Method in class Rule
Rule::beforeOrEqual() — Method in class Rule
Rule::boolean() — Method in class Rule
Rule::between() — Method in class Rule

Between String

ListPamToken::ban() — Method in class ListPamToken
MiddlewareServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class MiddlewareServiceProvider
BackendControllerClass in namespace Poppy\MgrPage\Http\Request\Backend
BanControllerClass in namespace Poppy\MgrPage\Http\Request\Backend
PamController::ban() — Method in class PamController
ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.

Dict::build() — Method in class Dict
Words::buildTree() — Method in class Words
ListSensitiveWord::batchAction() — Method in class ListSensitiveWord
RouteServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class RouteServiceProvider

Define your route model bindings, pattern filters, etc.

ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.

BaseSmsClass in namespace Poppy\Sms\Classes
ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the application events.

BanClass in namespace Poppy\System\Action
$ SysRouteServiceProvider#backendPrefixProperty in class SysRouteServiceProvider
BatchActionClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Actions
Dialog::buildActionPromise() — Method in class Dialog
Dialog::buildUploadFileActionPromise() — Method in class Dialog
Form::buildConfirmActionPromise() — Method in class Form
Form::buildGeneralActionPromise() — Method in class Form
Form::buildActionPromise() — Method in class Form
Response::bottomLeft() — Method in class Response
Response::bottomCenter() — Method in class Response
Response::bottomRight() — Method in class Response
Response::bottomFullWidth() — Method in class Response
Toastr::bottomLeft() — Method in class Toastr
Toastr::bottomCenter() — Method in class Toastr
Toastr::bottomRight() — Method in class Toastr
Toastr::bottomFullWidth() — Method in class Toastr
BackendProviderClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Auth\Provider
$ Form#builderProperty in class Form
Form::builder() — Method in class Form
BuilderClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form

Class Builder.

ButtonClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
$ Embeds#builderProperty in class Embeds
Embeds::buildEmbeddedForm() — Method in class Embeds

Build a Embedded Form and fill data.

$ HasMany#builderProperty in class HasMany

Form builder.

HasMany::buildNestedForm() — Method in class HasMany

Build a Nested form.

HasMany::buildRelatedForms() — Method in class HasMany

Build Nested form for related data.

Table::buildRelatedForms() — Method in class Table
Table::buildNestedForm() — Method in class Table

Build a Nested form.

$ Footer#builderProperty in class Footer

Form builder instance.

$ Footer#buttonsProperty in class Footer

Available buttons.

$ Grid#builderProperty in class Grid

Grid builder.

Grid::build() — Method in class Grid

Build the grid.

Grid::buildRows() — Method in class Grid

Build the grid rows.

Column::bindSearchQuery() — Method in class Column

Bind search query to grid model.

Column::bool() — Method in class Column

Display column as boolean , for true, and for false.

Column::bindOriginalRowModel() — Method in class Column

Set original grid data to column.

HasHeader::bindFilterQuery() — Method in class HasHeader

Add a binding based on filter to the model query.

$ HasActions#batchActionsProperty in class HasActions
HasActions::batchActions() — Method in class HasActions

Set grid batch-action callback.

Filter::between() — Method in class Filter
Filter::betweenDate() — Method in class Filter
AbstractFilter::buildCondition() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Build conditions of filter.

AbstractFilter::buildRelationQuery() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Build query condition of model relation.

BetweenClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter
BetweenDateClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter
$ Group#builderProperty in class Group
Select::buildOptions() — Method in class Select

Build options.

Model::buildData() — Method in class Model
BaseButtonClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Tools
BatchActionClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Tools
BatchDeleteClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Tools
BuildableClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Layout
Buildable::build() — Method in class Buildable
Column::build() — Method in class Column

Build column html.

Content::body() — Method in class Content

Alias of method row.

Content::build() — Method in class Content

Build html of content.

Row::build() — Method in class Row
BaseProgressClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Progress
BackendTraitClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Traits

Class Helpers.

BackendTrait::backendShare() — Method in class BackendTrait
$ HasAssets#baseCssProperty in class HasAssets
$ HasAssets#baseJsProperty in class HasAssets
HasAssets::baseCss() — Method in class HasAssets
HasAssets::baseJs() — Method in class HasAssets
PolicyTrait::before() — Method in class PolicyTrait
BoxWidgetClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Widgets
$ FormWidget#buttonsProperty in class FormWidget

Available buttons.

$ FormWidget#boxToolsProperty in class FormWidget
FormWidget::boxTools() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::button() — Method in class FormWidget
ListBase::batchAction() — Method in class ListBase
ListContract::batchAction() — Method in class ListContract
MiddlewareServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class MiddlewareServiceProvider
BanClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Middlewares
AuthController::bindMobile() — Method in class AuthController
MaintainMail::build() — Method in class MaintainMail

Build the message.

TestMail::build() — Method in class TestMail

Build the message.

ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.

RouteServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class RouteServiceProvider

Define your route model bindings, pattern filters, etc.

ServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class ServiceProvider

Bootstrap the module services.


CreateAdContentTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
CreateAdPlaceTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
CreateGameExpertTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
CreatePamAccountTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]

Migration auto-generated by Sequel Pro Laravel Export

CreatePamBanTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
CreatePamLogTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
CreatePamPermissionRoleTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]

Migration auto-generated by Sequel Pro Laravel Export

CreatePamPermissionTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]

Migration auto-generated by Sequel Pro Laravel Export

CreatePamRoleAccountTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]

Migration auto-generated by Sequel Pro Laravel Export

CreatePamRoleTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]

Migration auto-generated by Sequel Pro Laravel Export

CreatePamTokenTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
CreateSysAppVersionTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]

Migration auto-generated by Sequel Pro Laravel Export (1.8.1)

CreateSysAreaTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
CreateSysConfigTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]

Migration auto-generated by Sequel Pro Laravel Export

CreateSysFailedJobsTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
CreateSysSensitiveWordTableClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
ListPoppyDemo::columns() — Method in class ListPoppyDemo
ListPoppyDemo::create() — Method in class ListPoppyDemo
ListPoppyEditable::columns() — Method in class ListPoppyEditable
ListPoppyEditable::create() — Method in class ListPoppyEditable
ListPoppyIndex::columns() — Method in class ListPoppyIndex
ListPoppyIndex::create() — Method in class ListPoppyIndex
ListPoppyUser::columns() — Method in class ListPoppyUser
ContentControllerClass in namespace Demo\Http\Request\Web
$ DemoWebapp#castsProperty in class DemoWebapp
$ DemoWebapp#created_atProperty in class DemoWebapp
$ DemoWebapp#contentProperty in class DemoWebapp
DemoWebapp::comment() — Method in class DemoWebapp
ContentControllerClass in namespace Poppy\Ad\Http\Request\Backend
$ AdContent#created_atProperty in class AdContent
$ AdPlace#created_atProperty in class AdPlace
AdPlacePolicy::create() — Method in class AdPlacePolicy
OssDefaultUploadProvider::copyTo() — Method in class OssDefaultUploadProvider
ConfigClass in namespace Poppy\AliyunPush\Classes\Config
PyAreaDef::ckMatchIdPid() — Method in class PyAreaDef

ID -> PID 映射

PyAreaDef::ckArea() — Method in class PyAreaDef
PyAreaDef::ckCountry() — Method in class PyAreaDef
ListArea::columns() — Method in class ListArea
ListArea::create() — Method in class ListArea
AreaController::code() — Method in class AreaController
AreaController::country() — Method in class AreaController
ContentControllerClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Http\Request\Backend
ClearCacheListenerClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Listeners\PoppyOptimized
$ SysArea#codeProperty in class SysArea
$ SysArea#childrenProperty in class SysArea
SysArea::cityTree() — Method in class SysArea
SysArea::cityMgrTree() — Method in class SysArea
SysArea::country() — Method in class SysArea
ClientClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Canal
Client::createClient() — Method in class Client
ConfigClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Canal
$ Formatter#columnsProperty in class Formatter
ClientClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Es
$ Client#clientProperty in class Client
$ Document#clientProperty in class Document
Index::create() — Method in class Index
$ Import#chunkProperty in class Import
Import::chunk() — Method in class Import
CreateIndexCommandClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Commands
CommentParserClass in namespace Poppy\Core\Classes\Inspect

Php document comment parser

PyCoreDef::ckTagPersist() — Method in class PyCoreDef
PyCoreDef::ckLangModels() — Method in class PyCoreDef
PyCoreDef::ckModule() — Method in class PyCoreDef
PyCoreDef::ckPermissions() — Method in class PyCoreDef
PyCoreDef::ckCacher() — Method in class PyCoreDef
PyCoreDef::ckTagRdsKeyFieldExpired() — Method in class PyCoreDef
CoreTraitClass in namespace Poppy\Core\Classes\Traits
CoreTrait::coreModule() — Method in class CoreTrait
CoreTrait::corePermission() — Method in class CoreTrait
ClearCacheListenerClass in namespace Poppy\Core\Listeners\PoppyOptimized
RbacUserContract::capable() — Method in class RbacUserContract

Check if user has a permission by its name.

PermissionManager::check() — Method in class PermissionManager

check permission

Rbac::capable() — Method in class Rbac

Check if the current user has a permission by its name 检测当前用户是否有权限

RbacRoleTrait::cachedPermissions() — Method in class RbacRoleTrait
RbacUserTrait::cachedRoles() — Method in class RbacUserTrait
RbacUserTrait::capable() — Method in class RbacUserTrait

Check if user has a permission by its name.

RdsFieldExpired::clearExpiredField() — Method in class RdsFieldExpired
RdsFieldExpired::clearHash() — Method in class RdsFieldExpired
RdsFieldExpired::clearSet() — Method in class RdsFieldExpired
RdsFieldExpired::clearZset() — Method in class RdsFieldExpired
RdsPersist::calcUpdate() — Method in class RdsPersist
RdsStore::clear() — Method in class RdsStore
AopCertClient::checkSignAndDecrypt() — Method in class AopCertClient

在使用本方法前,必须初始化AopCertClient且传入公私钥参数。 公钥是否是读取字符串还是读取文件,是根据初始化传入的值判断的。

AopCertClient::charset() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::checkResponseSign() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::checkEmpty() — Method in class AopCertClient

校验$value是否非空 if not set ,return true; if is null , return true;

AopCertClient::curl() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopClient::curl() — Method in class AopClient
AopClient::charset() — Method in class AopClient
AopClient::checkEmpty() — Method in class AopClient

校验$value是否非空 if not set ,return true; if is null , return true;

AopClient::checkResponseSign() — Method in class AopClient
WxPayRequest::closeOrder() — Method in class WxPayRequest

关闭订单,WxPayCloseOrder中out_trade_no必填 appid、mchid、spbill_create_ip、nonce_str不需要填入

WxPayRequest::code2Session() — Method in class WxPayRequest

code 换取 session_key ​这是一个 HTTPS 接口,开发者服务器使用登录凭证 code 获取 session_key 和 openid。 session_key 是对用户数据进行加密签名的密钥。为了自身应用安全,session_key 不应该在网络上传输 https://mp.weixin.qq.com/debug/wxadoc/dev/api/api-login.html#code-换取-sessionkey

WxPayResults::CheckSign() — Method in class WxPayResults
Ean::checksum() — Method in class Ean

Computes the checksum of an EAN number.

Iban::checksum() — Method in class Iban

Generates IBAN Checksum

Inn::checksum() — Method in class Inn

Generates INN Checksum

Luhn::computeCheckDigit() — Method in class Luhn
TCNo::checksum() — Method in class TCNo

Generates Turkish Identity Number Checksum Gets first 9 digit as prefix and calculates checksum

Factory::create() — Method in class Factory

Create a new generator

$ Generator#citySuffixProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#cityPrefixProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#cityProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#countryProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#catchPhraseProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#companyProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#companySuffixProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#creditCardTypeProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#creditCardNumberProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#creditCardExpirationDateProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#creditCardExpirationDateStringProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#creditCardDetailsProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#companyEmailProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#centuryProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#countryCodeProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#countryISOAlpha3Property in class Generator
$ Generator#currencyCodeProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#chromeProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#colorNameProperty in class Generator
Generator::callFormatWithMatches() — Method in class Generator
Generator::creditCardNumber() — Method in class Generator
$ Address#citySuffixProperty in class Address
$ Address#cityFormatsProperty in class Address
$ Address#countryProperty in class Address
Address::city() — Method in class Address
Address::citySuffix() — Method in class Address
Address::country() — Method in class Address
ColorClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider
Color::colorName() — Method in class Color
CompanyClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider
$ Company#companySuffixProperty in class Company
Company::company() — Method in class Company
Company::companySuffix() — Method in class Company
$ DateTime#centuryProperty in class DateTime
DateTime::century() — Method in class DateTime
Internet::companyEmail() — Method in class Internet
$ Miscellaneous#countryCodeProperty in class Miscellaneous
$ Miscellaneous#countryISOAlpha3Property in class Miscellaneous
$ Miscellaneous#currencyCodeProperty in class Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous::countryCode() — Method in class Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous::countryISOAlpha3() — Method in class Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous::currencyCode() — Method in class Miscellaneous
$ Payment#cardVendorsProperty in class Payment
$ Payment#cardParamsProperty in class Payment
Payment::creditCardType() — Method in class Payment
Payment::creditCardNumber() — Method in class Payment

Returns the String of a credit card number.

Payment::creditCardExpirationDate() — Method in class Payment
Payment::creditCardExpirationDateString() — Method in class Payment
Payment::creditCardDetails() — Method in class Payment
$ Text#consecutiveWordsProperty in class Text
UserAgent::chrome() — Method in class UserAgent

Generate Chrome user agent

$ Address#cityPrefixProperty in class Address
$ Address#citySuffixProperty in class Address
$ Address#countryProperty in class Address
$ Address#cityFormatsProperty in class Address
Address::cityPrefix() — Method in class Address
CompanyClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\en_US
$ Company#catchPhraseWordsProperty in class Company
$ Company#companySuffixProperty in class Company
Company::catchPhrase() — Method in class Company
Payment::calculateRoutingNumberChecksum() — Method in class Payment
$ Address#citesProperty in class Address
$ Address#countryProperty in class Address
Address::city() — Method in class Address
Address::country() — Method in class Address
ColorClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\zh_CN
CompanyClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\zh_CN
$ Company#companyPrefixProperty in class Company
$ Company#companySuffixProperty in class Company
$ Company#catchPhraseProperty in class Company
Company::companyPrefix() — Method in class Company
Company::companySuffix() — Method in class Company
Company::catchPhrase() — Method in class Company
$ Address#cityProperty in class Address
$ Address#countryProperty in class Address
Address::city() — Method in class Address
Address::cityPrefix() — Method in class Address
Address::citySuffix() — Method in class Address
ColorClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\zh_TW
CompanyClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\zh_TW
$ Company#companyEnSuffixProperty in class Company
$ Company#companyEnFormatsProperty in class Company
$ Company#companyPrefixProperty in class Company
$ Company#companyModifierProperty in class Company
$ Company#companySuffixProperty in class Company
$ Company#catchPhraseProperty in class Company
Company::companyEnSuffix() — Method in class Company
Company::companyEn() — Method in class Company
Company::companyModifier() — Method in class Company
Company::companyPrefix() — Method in class Company
Company::catchPhrase() — Method in class Company
$ Person#characterMaleProperty in class Person
$ Person#characterFemaleProperty in class Person
ControllerClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Application

poppy controller

TestCase::createApplication() — Method in class TestCase

Creates the application.

ClassLoaderClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Classes

Class loader 一个简单的文件加载器, 加载的是小写的文件夹名称和首字母驼峰模式的类名

ConsoleTableClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Classes
Number::ceil() — Method in class Number

通过重新排列当前数字来查找下一个最高整型值 Finds the next highest integer value by rounding up the current number if necessary

Number::compareTo() — Method in class Number

比较数据 Compares the current number with the given number

Number::convertToBase() — Method in class Number

进制转换, 转换成任意进制 Returns the current value converted to an arbitrary base

Number::convertFromBase10() — Method in class Number

转换 10 进制到其他进制 Converts a base-10 number to an arbitrary base (from 2 to 36)

Number::convertToBase10() — Method in class Number

转换成 10 进制 Converts a number from an arbitrary base (from 2 to 36) to base 10

Resp::custom() — Method in class Resp
ConsoleServiceProviderClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Console
$ MakePoppyCommand#containerProperty in class MakePoppyCommand

Array to store the configuration details.

$ AjaxException#contentsProperty in class AjaxException
$ PolicyException#codeProperty in class PolicyException
Filesystem::copy() — Method in class Filesystem

Copy a file to a new location.

Filesystem::chmod() — Method in class Filesystem

Modify file/folder permissions

Filesystem::chmodRecursive() — Method in class Filesystem

Modify file/folder permissions recursively

Handler::context() — Method in class Handler

Get the default context variables for logging.

Handler::callCustomHandlers() — Method in class Handler

Handle the given exception.

ArrayHelper::combine() — Method in class ArrayHelper

拼合数组, 支持多维拼合

CookieHelperClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Helper

Cookie Helper file

CookieHelper::clear() — Method in class CookieHelper
FileHelper::correctName() — Method in class FileHelper

返回文件纠正的名称, 替换掉特殊字符 返回合法的文件名

StrHelper::cut() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::convert() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::ch2Utf8() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::count() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::chrysanthemum() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::clearLink() — Method in class StrHelper
UtilHelper::chidChecksum18() — Method in class UtilHelper
Xml::close() — Method in class Xml
$ Repository#configProperty in class Repository
Repository::count() — Method in class Repository

Returns a count of all modules.

FileRepository::count() — Method in class FileRepository

Returns count of all modules.

Poppy::count() — Method in class Poppy
PoppyServiceProvider::consoleLog() — Method in class PoppyServiceProvider
Rule::chid() — Method in class Rule

身份证号 string rule

Rule::confirmed() — Method in class Rule
FormBuilder::checkboxes() — Method in class FormBuilder
FormBuilder::code() — Method in class FormBuilder
FormBuilder::colorPicker() — Method in class FormBuilder
PyMgrPageDef::ckTagSearchPy() — Method in class PyMgrPageDef
ListPamAccount::columns() — Method in class ListPamAccount
ListPamBan::columns() — Method in class ListPamBan
ListPamLog::columns() — Method in class ListPamLog
ListPamRole::columns() — Method in class ListPamRole
ListPamRole::create() — Method in class ListPamRole
ListPamToken::columns() — Method in class ListPamToken
HomeController::clearCache() — Method in class HomeController
HomeController::cp() — Method in class HomeController
CpControllerClass in namespace Poppy\MgrPage\Http\Request\Develop

开发平台控制台 cp = ControlPanel

PySensitiveWordDef::ckDict() — Method in class PySensitiveWordDef
ListSensitiveWord::columns() — Method in class ListSensitiveWord
BaseSms::checkSms() — Method in class BaseSms
ChuanglanSmsProviderClass in namespace Poppy\Sms\Classes
StoreController::chuanglan() — Method in class StoreController
Ban::checkIn() — Method in class Ban
Pam::captchaLogin() — Method in class Pam
Pam::clearLog() — Method in class Pam
Pam::changePassword() — Method in class Pam
Verification::checkCaptcha() — Method in class Verification

验证验证码, 验证码验证成功仅有一次机会

Action::confirm() — Method in class Action
Dialog::confirm() — Method in class Dialog
$ Form#confirmProperty in class Form
Form::checkbox() — Method in class Form
Form::confirm() — Method in class Form
$ RowAction#columnProperty in class RowAction
$ Toastr#contentProperty in class Toastr
DefaultBaseApiSign::check() — Method in class DefaultBaseApiSign
DefaultPasswordProvider::check() — Method in class DefaultPasswordProvider
PamProvider::createModel() — Method in class PamProvider

Create a new instance of the model.

ApiSignContract::check() — Method in class ApiSignContract
PasswordContract::check() — Method in class PasswordContract
UploadContract::copyTo() — Method in class UploadContract
$ Form#collectedAssetsProperty in class Form

Collected field assets.

Form::column() — Method in class Form

Add a new layout column.

Form::collectFieldAssets() — Method in class Form

Collect assets required by registered field.

Form::callInitCallbacks() — Method in class Form

Call the initialization closure array in sequence.

Form::code() — Method in class Form
Form::checkbox() — Method in class Form
Form::color() — Method in class Form
Form::currency() — Method in class Form
Form::captcha() — Method in class Form
Builder::close() — Method in class Builder

Close the current form.

$ EmbeddedForm#columnProperty in class EmbeddedForm

Column name for this form.

EmbeddedForm::checkbox() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::color() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::currency() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
$ Field#creationRulesProperty in class Field

The validation rules for creation.

$ Field#columnProperty in class Field

Column name.

$ Field#checkedProperty in class Field

Checked for specify elements.

$ Field#customFormatProperty in class Field

column data format.

$ Field#callbackProperty in class Field
Field::customFormat() — Method in class Field

custom format form column data when edit.

Field::checked() — Method in class Field

Set the field option checked.

Field::creationRules() — Method in class Field

Set the creation validation rules for the field.

Field::column() — Method in class Field

Get column of the field.

$ Button#classProperty in class Button
CaptchaClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
CheckboxClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
$ Checkbox#canCheckAllProperty in class Checkbox
Checkbox::canCheckAll() — Method in class Checkbox

Add a checkbox above this component, so you can select all checkboxes by click on it.

CodeClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
ColorClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
CurrencyClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
Fieldset::collapsed() — Method in class Fieldset
$ Link#classProperty in class Link
$ Map#columnProperty in class Map

Column name.

Radio::checked() — Method in class Radio

Set checked.

$ Select#configProperty in class Select
Select::config() — Method in class Select

Set config for select2.

$ Footer#checkboxesProperty in class Footer

Available checkboxes.

Footer::checkView() — Method in class Footer

Set view as default check.

Footer::checkCreating() — Method in class Footer

Set continue_creating as default check.

Footer::checkEditing() — Method in class Footer

Set continue_editing as default check.

HasHooks::callHooks() — Method in class HasHooks

Call hooks by giving name.

HasHooks::callEditing() — Method in class HasHooks

Call editing callbacks.

HasHooks::callSubmitted() — Method in class HasHooks

Call submitted callback.

HasHooks::callSaving() — Method in class HasHooks

Call saving callback.

HasHooks::callSaved() — Method in class HasHooks

Callback after saving a Model.

HasHooks::callDeleting() — Method in class HasHooks

Call hooks when deleting.

HasHooks::callDeleted() — Method in class HasHooks
ColumnClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Layout
$ Layout#columnsProperty in class Layout
$ Layout#currentProperty in class Layout
Layout::column() — Method in class Layout

Add a new column in layout.

Layout::columns() — Method in class Layout

Get all columns in filter layout.

NestedForm::checkbox() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::color() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::currency() — Method in class NestedForm
$ Row#callbackProperty in class Row

Callback for add field to current row.s.

Tab::collectFields() — Method in class Tab

Collect fields under current tab.

$ Grid#columnNamesProperty in class Grid

All column names of the grid.

$ Grid#columnsProperty in class Grid

Collection of all grid columns.

Grid::callInitCallbacks() — Method in class Grid

Call the initialization closure array in sequence.

Grid::callRenderingCallback() — Method in class Grid

Call callbacks before render.

ColumnClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid

Class Column.

Column::callDisplayCallbacks() — Method in class Column

Call all of the "display" callbacks column.

Column::callSupportDisplayer() — Method in class Column

Call Illuminate/Support displayer.

Column::callBuiltinDisplayer() — Method in class Column

Call Builtin displayer.

Column::copyable() — Method in class Column
CheckFilterClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Column
$ Filter#classProperty in class Filter
CanHidesColumnsClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns
$ HasQuickSearch#columnsProperty in class HasQuickSearch
$ AbstractDisplayer#columnProperty in class AbstractDisplayer
CopyableClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Displayer

Class Copyable.

AbstractExporter::chunk() — Method in class AbstractExporter
CsvExporterClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Exporters
Filter::conditions() — Method in class Filter

Get all conditions of the filters.

Filter::column() — Method in class Filter

Add a new layout column.

Filter::chunk() — Method in class Filter
Filter::contains() — Method in class Filter
$ AbstractFilter#columnProperty in class AbstractFilter
AbstractFilter::condition() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Get query condition from filter.

AbstractFilter::checkbox() — Method in class AbstractFilter
AbstractFilter::currency() — Method in class AbstractFilter
Between::condition() — Method in class Between

Get condition of this filter.

BetweenDate::condition() — Method in class BetweenDate

Get condition of this filter.

Group::contains() — Method in class Group

Alias of like method.

Group::condition() — Method in class Group
Gt::condition() — Method in class Gt

Get condition of this filter.

Hidden::condition() — Method in class Hidden
In::condition() — Method in class In

Get condition of this filter.

ColumnClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter\Layout
$ Layout#columnsProperty in class Layout
$ Layout#currentProperty in class Layout
Layout::column() — Method in class Layout

Add a new column in layout.

Layout::columns() — Method in class Layout

Get all columns in filter layout.

Like::condition() — Method in class Like

Get condition of this filter.

Lt::condition() — Method in class Lt

Get condition of this filter.

NotEqual::condition() — Method in class NotEqual
CheckboxClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter\Presenter
$ Select#configProperty in class Select
Select::config() — Method in class Select

Set config for select2.

Text::currency() — Method in class Text
Scope::condition() — Method in class Scope

Get model query conditions.

Where::condition() — Method in class Where

Get condition of this filter.

$ Model#collectionCallbackProperty in class Model

Collection callback.

Model::collection() — Method in class Model

Set collection callback.

Model::chunk() — Method in class Model
Row::column() — Method in class Row

Get or set value of column in this row.

ColumnSelectorClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Tools
$ TotalRow#columnsProperty in class TotalRow
ColumnClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Layout
$ Column#contentsProperty in class Column
ContentClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Layout
$ Row#columnsProperty in class Row
$ Row#classProperty in class Row

row classes.

Row::column() — Method in class Row

Add a column.

Row::class() — Method in class Row

Add class in row.

PySystemDef::ckModelComment() — Method in class PySystemDef
PySystemDef::ckSetting() — Method in class PySystemDef
PySystemDef::ckPamRelParent() — Method in class PySystemDef
PySystemDef::ckTagVerificationOnce() — Method in class PySystemDef
PySystemDef::ckTagVerificationCaptcha() — Method in class PySystemDef
PySystemDef::ckTagSso() — Method in class PySystemDef
PySystemDef::ckTagBanOne() — Method in class PySystemDef
PySystemDef::ckTagBanIpRange() — Method in class PySystemDef

Ip 范围

FixTrait::cached() — Method in class FixTrait
$ HasAssets#cssProperty in class HasAssets
HasAssets::css() — Method in class HasAssets

Add css or get all css.

HasAssets::component() — Method in class HasAssets
PamTrait::checkPam() — Method in class PamTrait

检查 pam 用户

PamTrait::checkPermission() — Method in class PamTrait
DefaultUploadProvider::copyTo() — Method in class DefaultUploadProvider
$ BoxWidget#contentProperty in class BoxWidget
BoxWidget::content() — Method in class BoxWidget

Set box content.

FormWidget::code() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::checkbox() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::color() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::currency() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::captcha() — Method in class FormWidget
CaptchaSendEventClass in namespace Poppy\System\Events
$ CaptchaSendEvent#captchaProperty in class CaptchaSendEvent
$ ListBase#columnsProperty in class ListBase

Collection of all grid columns.

ListBase::column() — Method in class ListBase

Add a column to Grid.

ListContract::columns() — Method in class ListContract
CrossRequestClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Middlewares
CaptchaControllerClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Request\ApiV1\Web
CoreControllerClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Request\ApiV1\Web
ClearCacheListenerClass in namespace Poppy\System\Listeners\PoppyOptimized
$ MaintainMail#contentProperty in class MaintainMail
$ TestMail#contentProperty in class TestMail
$ PamAccount#created_atProperty in class PamAccount
$ PamBan#created_atProperty in class PamBan
$ PamLog#created_atProperty in class PamLog
$ PamToken#created_atProperty in class PamToken
PamAccountPolicy::create() — Method in class PamAccountPolicy
PamRolePolicy::create() — Method in class PamRolePolicy
PyVersionDef::ckTagMaxVersion() — Method in class PyVersionDef
PyVersionDef::ckTagVersions() — Method in class PyVersionDef
ListAppVersion::columns() — Method in class ListAppVersion
$ SysAppVersion#created_atProperty in class SysAppVersion


AltPamBanAddAccountType::down() — Method in class AltPamBanAddAccountType

Reverse the migrations.

AlterAdContentTable::down() — Method in class AlterAdContentTable

Reverse the migrations.

AlterPamLogAddFieldParentId::down() — Method in class AlterPamLogAddFieldParentId

Reverse the migrations.

CreateAdContentTable::down() — Method in class CreateAdContentTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreateAdPlaceTable::down() — Method in class CreateAdPlaceTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreateGameExpertTable::down() — Method in class CreateGameExpertTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreatePamAccountTable::down() — Method in class CreatePamAccountTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreatePamBanTable::down() — Method in class CreatePamBanTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreatePamLogTable::down() — Method in class CreatePamLogTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreatePamPermissionRoleTable::down() — Method in class CreatePamPermissionRoleTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreatePamPermissionTable::down() — Method in class CreatePamPermissionTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreatePamRoleAccountTable::down() — Method in class CreatePamRoleAccountTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreatePamRoleTable::down() — Method in class CreatePamRoleTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreatePamTokenTable::down() — Method in class CreatePamTokenTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreateSysAppVersionTable::down() — Method in class CreateSysAppVersionTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreateSysAreaTable::down() — Method in class CreateSysAreaTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreateSysConfigTable::down() — Method in class CreateSysConfigTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreateSysFailedJobsTable::down() — Method in class CreateSysFailedJobsTable

Reverse the migrations.

CreateSysSensitiveWordTable::down() — Method in class CreateSysSensitiveWordTable

Reverse the migrations.

DemoClass in namespace Demo\Classes\Layout
$ Demo#descriptionProperty in class Demo

Content description.

Demo::description() — Method in class Demo

Set description of content.

Demo::dump() — Method in class Demo
$ UserMobileCommand#descriptionProperty in class UserMobileCommand
FormBaseWidget::data() — Method in class FormBaseWidget

The data of the form.

FormCheckbox::data() — Method in class FormCheckbox

The data of the form.

FormDate::data() — Method in class FormDate

The data of the form.

FormDisplay::data() — Method in class FormDisplay

The data of the form.

FormEditor::data() — Method in class FormEditor

The data of the form.

FormId::data() — Method in class FormId

The data of the form.

FormImage::data() — Method in class FormImage
FormMultiImage::data() — Method in class FormMultiImage

The data of the form.

FormMultipleSelect::data() — Method in class FormMultipleSelect

The data of the form.

FormTags::data() — Method in class FormTags

The data of the form.

Service::data() — Method in class Service
DemoControllerClass in namespace Demo\Http\Request\Backend
DemoControllerClass in namespace Demo\Http\Request\Web
TableController::demo() — Method in class TableController
DemoCommentClass in namespace Demo\Models
DemoDbClass in namespace Demo\Models
DemoUserClass in namespace Demo\Models
DemoWebappClass in namespace Demo\Models
$ DemoWebapp#descProperty in class DemoWebapp
$ DemoWebapp#dateProperty in class DemoWebapp
$ DemoWebapp#dayProperty in class DemoWebapp
SettingKeyA::data() — Method in class SettingKeyA
SettingKeyB::data() — Method in class SettingKeyB
Ad::delete() — Method in class Ad
Place::delete() — Method in class Place
ContentController::delete() — Method in class ContentController
PlaceController::delete() — Method in class PlaceController
AdPlacePolicy::delete() — Method in class AdPlacePolicy
OssDefaultUploadProvider::delete() — Method in class OssDefaultUploadProvider
$ ServiceProvider#deferProperty in class ServiceProvider

Indicates if loading of the provider is deferred.

UploadTypeAliyun::data() — Method in class UploadTypeAliyun
Config::default() — Method in class Config
$ ServiceProvider#deferProperty in class ServiceProvider

Indicates if loading of the provider is deferred.

SettingAliyunPush::data() — Method in class SettingAliyunPush
Area::delete() — Method in class Area
FormAreaEstablish::data() — Method in class FormAreaEstablish
ListArea::delete() — Method in class ListArea
ContentController::delete() — Method in class ContentController
DispatcherClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Canal
Dispatcher::dispatch() — Method in class Dispatcher
DeleteFormatterClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Canal\Formatter
DbClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes
DocumentClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Es
DocumentFormatClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Es
DocumentFormatInterfaceClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Es
DocumentFormatterClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Es
$ Import#daoProperty in class Import
IndexManager::destination() — Method in class IndexManager

Canal 服务

SettingContract::delete() — Method in class SettingContract

Delete a setting value.

DocCommandClass in namespace Poppy\Core\Commands

使用命令行生成 api 文档

$ DocCommand#descriptionProperty in class DocCommand
$ InspectCommand#descriptionProperty in class InspectCommand

The console command description.

$ OpCommand#descriptionProperty in class OpCommand
$ PermissionCommand#descriptionProperty in class PermissionCommand
$ PersistCommand#descriptionProperty in class PersistCommand

The console command description.

Module::directory() — Method in class Module
$ ModuleServiceProvider#deferProperty in class ModuleServiceProvider
RbacRoleContract::detachPermission() — Method in class RbacRoleContract

Detach permission form current role.

RbacRoleContract::detachPermissions() — Method in class RbacRoleContract

Detach multiple permissions from current role

RbacUserContract::detachRole() — Method in class RbacUserContract

Alias to eloquent many-to-many relation's detach() method.

RbacUserContract::detachRoles() — Method in class RbacUserContract

Detach multiple roles from a user

$ Permission#descriptionProperty in class Permission
Permission::description() — Method in class Permission
PermissionManager::defaultPermissions() — Method in class PermissionManager

Get default permission by group

RbacRoleTrait::delete() — Method in class RbacRoleTrait
RbacRoleTrait::detachPermission() — Method in class RbacRoleTrait

Detach permission from current role.

RbacRoleTrait::detachPermissions() — Method in class RbacRoleTrait

Detach multiple permissions from current role

RbacUserTrait::delete() — Method in class RbacUserTrait
RbacUserTrait::detachRole() — Method in class RbacUserTrait

Alias to eloquent many-to-many relation's detach() method.

RbacUserTrait::detachRoles() — Method in class RbacUserTrait

Detach multiple roles from a user

RdsNative::decr() — Method in class RdsNative

为键 key 储存的数字值减去一。 如果键 key 不存在, 那么键 key 的值会先被初始化为 0 , 然后再执行 DECR 操作。 如果键 key 储存的值不能被解释为数字, 那么 DECR 命令将返回一个错误。

RdsNative::disconnect() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::delTaggedKeys() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::dbSize() — Method in class RdsNative

返回当前数据库的 key 的数量

RdsNative::discard() — Method in class RdsNative

取消事务, 放弃执行事务内的所有命令

RdsNative::del() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::decode() — Method in class RdsNative
ServiceArray::data() — Method in class ServiceArray
$ AopCertClient#debugInfoProperty in class AopCertClient
AopEncrypt::decrypt() — Method in class AopEncrypt
$ ExtensionServiceProvider#deferProperty in class ExtensionServiceProvider

Indicates if loading of the provider is deferred.

$ ExtensionServiceProvider#deferProperty in class ExtensionServiceProvider

Indicates if loading of the provider is deferred.

$ ExtensionServiceProvider#deferProperty in class ExtensionServiceProvider

Indicates if loading of the provider is deferred.

WxPayRequest::downloadBill() — Method in class WxPayRequest

下载对账单,WxPayDownloadBill中bill_date为必填参数 appid、mchid、spbill_create_ip、nonce_str不需要填入

DefaultGeneratorClass in namespace Poppy\Faker

This generator returns a default value for all called properties and methods. It works with Faker\Generator\Base->optional().

$ DefaultGenerator#defaultProperty in class DefaultGenerator
DocumentorClass in namespace Poppy\Faker
$ Factory#defaultProvidersProperty in class Factory
$ Generator#domainNameProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#domainWordProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#dateTimeProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#dateTimeADProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#dateTimeThisCenturyProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#dateTimeThisDecadeProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#dateTimeThisYearProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#dateTimeThisMonthProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#dayOfMonthProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#dayOfWeekProperty in class Generator
Generator::date() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dayOfMonth() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dayOfWeek() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dateTime() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dateTimeAd() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dateTimeBetween() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dateTimeInInterval() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dateTimeThisCentury() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dateTimeThisDecade() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dateTimeThisYear() — Method in class Generator
Generator::dateTimeThisMonth() — Method in class Generator
DateTimeClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider
$ DateTime#defaultTimezoneProperty in class DateTime
DateTime::dateTime() — Method in class DateTime

Get a datetime object for a date between January 1, 1970 and now

DateTime::dateTimeAD() — Method in class DateTime

Get a datetime object for a date between January 1, 001 and now

DateTime::date() — Method in class DateTime

Get a date string between January 1, 1970 and now

DateTime::dateTimeBetween() — Method in class DateTime

Get a DateTime object based on a random date between two given dates.

DateTime::dateTimeInInterval() — Method in class DateTime

Get a DateTime object based on a random date between one given date and an interval Accepts date string that can be recognized by strtotime().

DateTime::dateTimeThisCentury() — Method in class DateTime
DateTime::dateTimeThisDecade() — Method in class DateTime
DateTime::dateTimeThisYear() — Method in class DateTime
DateTime::dateTimeThisMonth() — Method in class DateTime
DateTime::dayOfMonth() — Method in class DateTime
DateTime::dayOfWeek() — Method in class DateTime
Internet::domainName() — Method in class Internet
Internet::domainWord() — Method in class Internet
DateTimeClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\zh_CN
DateTime::dayOfWeek() — Method in class DateTime
DateTimeClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider\zh_TW
DateTime::dayOfWeek() — Method in class DateTime
$ ClassLoader#directoriesProperty in class ClassLoader
$ ConsoleTable#dataProperty in class ConsoleTable
ConsoleTable::display() — Method in class ConsoleTable

Print the table

Number::decrement() — Method in class Number

将当前数字的值减一 Decreases the value of the current number by one

Number::divide() — Method in class Number

除法运算 Divides the current number by the given number

Resp::desc() — Method in class Resp
Resp::data() — Method in class Resp
$ PoppyDisableCommand#descriptionProperty in class PoppyDisableCommand

The console command description.

$ PoppyEnableCommand#descriptionProperty in class PoppyEnableCommand

The console command description.

$ PoppyListCommand#descriptionProperty in class PoppyListCommand

The console command description.

PoppyListCommand::displayModules() — Method in class PoppyListCommand

Display the module information on the console.

$ PoppyMigrateCommand#descriptionProperty in class PoppyMigrateCommand

The console command description.

$ PoppyMigrateRefreshCommand#descriptionProperty in class PoppyMigrateRefreshCommand

The console command description.

$ PoppyMigrateResetCommand#descriptionProperty in class PoppyMigrateResetCommand

The console command description.

$ PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand#descriptionProperty in class PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand

The console command description.

$ PoppyOptimizeCommand#descriptionProperty in class PoppyOptimizeCommand

The console command description.

$ PoppySeedCommand#descriptionProperty in class PoppySeedCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeCommandCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeCommandCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeControllerCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeControllerCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeEventCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeEventCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeListenerCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeListenerCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeMiddlewareCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeMiddlewareCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeMigrationCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeMigrationCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeModelCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeModelCommand

The console command description.

$ MakePolicyCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakePolicyCommand

The console command description.

$ MakePoppyCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakePoppyCommand

The console command description.

MakePoppyCommand::displayHeader() — Method in class MakePoppyCommand

Pull the given stub file contents and display them on screen.

$ MakeProviderCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeProviderCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeRequestCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeRequestCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeSeederCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeSeederCommand

The console command description.

$ MakeTestCommand#descriptionProperty in class MakeTestCommand

The console command description.

DoExceptionClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Exceptions
Application::databasePath() — Method in class Application
$ Handler#dontReportProperty in class Handler

A list of the exception types that should not be reported.

ArrayHelper::delete() — Method in class ArrayHelper
EnvHelper::domain() — Method in class EnvHelper
FileHelper::dirPath() — Method in class FileHelper
TimeHelper::datetime() — Method in class TimeHelper
TimeHelper::dayStart() — Method in class TimeHelper
TimeHelper::dayEnd() — Method in class TimeHelper
TimeHelper::datetimeToTimestamp() — Method in class TimeHelper

datetime to timestamp

$ ParseServiceProvider#deferProperty in class ParseServiceProvider

Indicates if loading of the provider is deferred.

Xml::destruct() — Method in class Xml

释放指定的 XML 解析器

Xml::data() — Method in class Xml
Repository::disabled() — Method in class Repository

Get all disabled modules.

Repository::disable() — Method in class Repository

Disables the specified module.

FileRepository::disabled() — Method in class FileRepository

Get all disabled modules.

FileRepository::disable() — Method in class FileRepository

Disables the specified module.

Poppy::disabled() — Method in class Poppy
Poppy::disable() — Method in class Poppy
Rule::dateFormat() — Method in class Rule

date format

Rule::date() — Method in class Rule
Rule::digits() — Method in class Rule

数字, 不包含 . 的数字, 也就是整数, 且长度 = $value

Rule::digitsBetween() — Method in class Rule

验证字段的长度介于min/max 之间, 正整数的长度

FormBuilder::datetimePicker() — Method in class FormBuilder
FormBuilder::datetimeRangePicker() — Method in class FormBuilder
FormBuilder::datePicker() — Method in class FormBuilder
FormBuilder::dateRangePicker() — Method in class FormBuilder
$ MixCommand#descriptionProperty in class MixCommand

The console command description.

ListPamRole::delete() — Method in class ListPamRole
ListPamToken::delete() — Method in class ListPamToken
BanController::delete() — Method in class BanController
PamController::disable() — Method in class PamController
PamController::deleteToken() — Method in class PamController
RoleController::delete() — Method in class RoleController

Remove the specified resource from storage.

DevelopControllerClass in namespace Poppy\MgrPage\Http\Request\Develop
EnvController::db() — Method in class EnvController
Word::delete() — Method in class Word
DictClass in namespace Poppy\SensitiveWord\Classes\Sensitive
DirectoryNotFoundExceptionClass in namespace Poppy\SensitiveWord\Classes\Sensitive
ListSensitiveWord::delete() — Method in class ListSensitiveWord
WordController::delete() — Method in class WordController
Sms::destroy() — Method in class Sms
SmsController::delete() — Method in class SmsController
SmsController::destroy() — Method in class SmsController
$ ServiceProvider#deferProperty in class ServiceProvider

Indicates if loading of the provider is deferred.

SendTypeAliyun::data() — Method in class SendTypeAliyun
SendTypeChuanglan::data() — Method in class SendTypeChuanglan
SendTypeLocal::data() — Method in class SendTypeLocal
Ban::delete() — Method in class Ban
Pam::disable() — Method in class Pam
Role::delete() — Method in class Role
DialogClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Actions\Interactor
Dialog::defaultSettings() — Method in class Dialog
Form::date() — Method in class Form
Form::datetime() — Method in class Form
Response::download() — Method in class Response

Send a download response.

RowAction::display() — Method in class RowAction
DefaultApiSignProviderClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Api\Sign
DefaultBaseApiSignClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Api\Sign

默认的 Timestamp 约定

DefaultPasswordProviderClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Auth\Password
DevelopProviderClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Auth\Provider
UploadContract::delete() — Method in class UploadContract
Form::destroy() — Method in class Form

Destroy data entity and remove files.

Form::disableSubmit() — Method in class Form

Disable form submit.

Form::disableReset() — Method in class Form

Disable form reset.

Form::disableViewCheck() — Method in class Form

Disable View Checkbox on footer.

Form::disableEditingCheck() — Method in class Form

Disable Editing Checkbox on footer.

Form::disableCreatingCheck() — Method in class Form

Disable Creating Checkbox on footer.

Form::deleteFiles() — Method in class Form

Remove files in record.

Form::doNotSnakeAttributes() — Method in class Form

Don't snake case attributes.

Form::date() — Method in class Form
Form::datetime() — Method in class Form
Form::dateRange() — Method in class Form
Form::datetimeRange() — Method in class Form
Form::display() — Method in class Form
Form::divider() — Method in class Form
Form::decimal() — Method in class Form
EmbeddedForm::date() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::datetime() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::dateRange() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::datetimeRange() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::display() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::divider() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::decimal() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
$ Field#dataProperty in class Field

Data of all original columns of value.

$ Field#defaultProperty in class Field

Field default value.

$ Field#displayProperty in class Field
Field::data() — Method in class Field

Set or get data.

Field::default() — Method in class Field

Set default value for field.

Field::disable() — Method in class Field

Set field as disabled.

Field::disableHorizontal() — Method in class Field
$ Checkbox#defaultProperty in class Checkbox
Checkbox::default() — Method in class Checkbox

默认值, 当没有数据做填充的时候会取这个默认值(null 值的时候)

DateClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
DateRangeClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
DatetimeClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
DatetimeRangeClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
DecimalClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
DisplayClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
DividerClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
HasMany::disableCreate() — Method in class HasMany

Disable create button.

HasMany::disableDelete() — Method in class HasMany

Disable delete button.

$ Icon#defaultProperty in class Icon
MultipleFile::defaultDirectory() — Method in class MultipleFile

Default directory for file to upload.

MultipleFile::destroy() — Method in class MultipleFile

Destroy original files.

$ SwitchField#defaultProperty in class SwitchField
Text::datalist() — Method in class Text

Add datalist element to Text input.

$ Footer#defaultCheckProperty in class Footer
Footer::disableReset() — Method in class Footer

Disable reset button.

Footer::disableSubmit() — Method in class Footer

Disable submit button.

Footer::disableViewCheck() — Method in class Footer

Disable View Checkbox.

Footer::disableEditingCheck() — Method in class Footer

Disable Editing Checkbox.

Footer::disableCreatingCheck() — Method in class Footer

Disable Creating Checkbox.

HasHooks::deleting() — Method in class HasHooks
HasHooks::deleted() — Method in class HasHooks
NestedForm::date() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::datetime() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::dateRange() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::datetimeRange() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::display() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::divider() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::decimal() — Method in class NestedForm
$ Row#defaultFieldWidthProperty in class Row

Default field width for appended field.

Tools::disableList() — Method in class Tools

Disable list tool.

Tools::disableDelete() — Method in class Tools

Disable delete tool.

Tools::disableView() — Method in class Tools

Disable edit tool.

PlainInput::defaultAttribute() — Method in class PlainInput
$ UploadField#directoryProperty in class UploadField

Upload directory.

$ UploadField#downloadableProperty in class UploadField
UploadField::downloadable() — Method in class UploadField

Indicates if the underlying field is downloadable.

UploadField::disk() — Method in class UploadField

Set disk for storage.

UploadField::dir() — Method in class UploadField

Specify the directory upload file.

UploadField::destroy() — Method in class UploadField

Destroy original files.

Grid::disableRowSelector() — Method in class Grid

Disable row selector.

$ Column#displayersProperty in class Column

Displayer for grid column.

$ Column#definedProperty in class Column

Defined columns.

$ Column#displayCallbacksProperty in class Column
Column::display() — Method in class Column

Add a display callback.

Column::displayUsing() — Method in class Column

Display using display abstract.

Column::diffForHumans() — Method in class Column

Return a human readable format time.

Column::date() — Method in class Column

Returns a string formatted according to the given format string.

Column::dot() — Method in class Column

Add a dot before column text.

Column::define() — Method in class Column

Define a column globally.

Column::downloadable() — Method in class Column
CanHidesColumns::disableColumnSelector() — Method in class CanHidesColumns

Remove column selector on grid.

HasActions::disableBatchActions() — Method in class HasActions
HasExport::disableExporter() — Method in class HasExport

Disable export.

AbstractDisplayer::display() — Method in class AbstractDisplayer

Display method.

Actions::display() — Method in class Actions
Copyable::display() — Method in class Copyable

Display method.

DownloadableClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Displayer
Downloadable::display() — Method in class Downloadable

Display method.

Image::display() — Method in class Image

Display method.

Link::display() — Method in class Link

Display method.

Prefix::display() — Method in class Prefix

Display method.

ProgressBar::display() — Method in class ProgressBar

Display method.

QRCode::display() — Method in class QRCode

Display method.

Suffix::display() — Method in class Suffix

Display method.

SwitchDisplay::display() — Method in class SwitchDisplay

Display method.

$ Exporter#driversProperty in class Exporter

Available exporter drivers.

Filter::date() — Method in class Filter
Filter::day() — Method in class Filter
$ AbstractFilter#defaultValueProperty in class AbstractFilter
AbstractFilter::datetime() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Datetime filter.

AbstractFilter::date() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Date filter.

AbstractFilter::day() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Day filter.

AbstractFilter::default() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Set default value for filter.

AbstractFilter::decimal() — Method in class AbstractFilter
DateClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter
DayClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter
DateTimeClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter\Presenter
Presenter::default() — Method in class Presenter

Set default value for filter.

Text::decimal() — Method in class Text
$ Model#dataProperty in class Model
Model::doNotSnakeAttributes() — Method in class Model

Don't snake case attributes.

$ Row#dataProperty in class Row

Row data.

Tools::disableFilterButton() — Method in class Tools

Disable filter button.

Tools::disableRefreshButton() — Method in class Tools

Disable refresh button.

Tools::disableBatchActions() — Method in class Tools

Disable batch actions.

$ AbstractTool#disabledProperty in class AbstractTool
AbstractTool::disable() — Method in class AbstractTool

Toggle this button.

$ Content#descriptionProperty in class Content

Content description.

Content::description() — Method in class Content

Set description of content.

Content::dump() — Method in class Content
DbTraitClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Traits

Db Trait Db 工具

$ HasAssets#deferredScriptProperty in class HasAssets
DefaultUploadProviderClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Uploader
$ DefaultUploadProvider#destinationProperty in class DefaultUploadProvider
$ DefaultUploadProvider#diskProperty in class DefaultUploadProvider
DefaultUploadProvider::delete() — Method in class DefaultUploadProvider
$ FormWidget#dataProperty in class FormWidget
FormWidget::data() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::disablePjax() — Method in class FormWidget

Disable Pjax.

FormWidget::disableReset() — Method in class FormWidget

Disable reset button.

FormWidget::disableSubmit() — Method in class FormWidget

Disable submit button.

FormWidget::date() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::datetime() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::dateRange() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::dateTimeRange() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::display() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::divider() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::decimal() — Method in class FormWidget
$ InstallCommand#descriptionProperty in class InstallCommand
$ UserCommand#descriptionProperty in class UserCommand
$ LoginTokenPassedEvent#deviceIdProperty in class LoginTokenPassedEvent
$ LoginTokenPassedEvent#deviceTypeProperty in class LoginTokenPassedEvent
$ PamRegisteredEvent#device_idProperty in class PamRegisteredEvent
FormBanEstablish::data() — Method in class FormBanEstablish
FormPamDisable::data() — Method in class FormPamDisable
FormPamEnable::data() — Method in class FormPamEnable
FormPamEstablish::data() — Method in class FormPamEstablish
FormPamPassword::data() — Method in class FormPamPassword
FormPassword::data() — Method in class FormPassword
FormRoleEstablish::data() — Method in class FormRoleEstablish
FormSettingBase::data() — Method in class FormSettingBase
Authenticate::detectLocation() — Method in class Authenticate
DisabledPamClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Middlewares
CoreController::doc() — Method in class CoreController
DeleteUploadFileJobClass in namespace Poppy\System\Jobs
$ PamAccount#datesProperty in class PamAccount
$ PamAccount#disable_reasonProperty in class PamAccount
$ PamAccount#disable_start_atProperty in class PamAccount
$ PamAccount#disable_end_atProperty in class PamAccount
PamAccount::dftMobile() — Method in class PamAccount
PamBan::deviceIsAllow() — Method in class PamBan
$ PamPermission#descriptionProperty in class PamPermission
$ PamRole#descriptionProperty in class PamRole
$ PamToken#device_idProperty in class PamToken
$ PamToken#device_typeProperty in class PamToken
PamAccountPolicy::disable() — Method in class PamAccountPolicy
PamRolePolicy::delete() — Method in class PamRolePolicy
$ SysConfig#descriptionProperty in class SysConfig
ApiInfo::data() — Method in class ApiInfo
SettingSystem::data() — Method in class SettingSystem
UploadTypeDefault::data() — Method in class UploadTypeDefault
SettingRepository::delete() — Method in class SettingRepository
$ SettingServiceProvider#deferProperty in class SettingServiceProvider
Version::delete() — Method in class Version
FormSettingVersion::data() — Method in class FormSettingVersion
FormVersionEstablish::data() — Method in class FormVersionEstablish
VersionController::delete() — Method in class VersionController
$ SysAppVersion#descriptionProperty in class SysAppVersion
$ SysAppVersion#download_urlProperty in class SysAppVersion


ListPoppyDemo::edit() — Method in class ListPoppyDemo
ListPoppyEditable::edit() — Method in class ListPoppyEditable
ListPoppyIndex::edit() — Method in class ListPoppyIndex
RespController::error() — Method in class RespController
EnvHelperControllerClass in namespace Demo\Http\Request\Web
HelperController::env() — Method in class HelperController
$ DemoWebapp#emailProperty in class DemoWebapp
Ad::establish() — Method in class Ad

编辑/创建 广告

Place::establish() — Method in class Place

编辑/创建 广告位

ContentController::establish() — Method in class ContentController
PlaceController::establish() — Method in class PlaceController
$ AdContent#end_atProperty in class AdContent
AdPlacePolicy::edit() — Method in class AdPlacePolicy
Area::establish() — Method in class Area
ListArea::edit() — Method in class ListArea
ContentController::establish() — Method in class ContentController
$ Import#endProperty in class Import
ModuleManager::enabled() — Method in class ModuleManager
Modules::enabled() — Method in class Modules
RdsNative::exists() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::expire() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::expireAt() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::exec() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsPersist::exec() — Method in class RdsPersist

将redis中的所有数据持久化到数据库 执行将所有表的数据都写入数据库中可使用该方法

RdsPersist::execTable() — Method in class RdsPersist

将redis中的指定表的数据持久化到数据库 单独持久化某个表的时候可以使用该方法

$ AopCertClient#encryptKeyProperty in class AopCertClient
$ AopCertClient#encryptTypeProperty in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::encryptAndSign() — Method in class AopCertClient

在使用本方法前,必须初始化AopCertClient且传入公私钥参数。 公钥是否是读取字符串还是读取文件,是根据初始化传入的值判断的。

AopCertClient::execute() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::echoDebug() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertEncrypt::extractSignature() — Method in class AopCertEncrypt

Extract signature from der encoded cert.

AopClient::execute() — Method in class AopClient
AopEncrypt::encrypt() — Method in class AopEncrypt
EncryptParseItemClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop
$ EncryptParseItem#endIndexProperty in class EncryptParseItem
$ EncryptParseItem#encryptContentProperty in class EncryptParseItem
EncryptResponseDataClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay\Aop
ExtensionServiceProviderClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Alipay
ExtIpStoreTraitClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\IpStore\Classes\Traits
ExtIpStoreTrait::extIpStoreIsLocal() — Method in class ExtIpStoreTrait
ExtensionServiceProviderClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\IpStore
ExtensionServiceProviderClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\Pinyin
WxPayException::errorMessage() — Method in class WxPayException
EanClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Calculator

Utility class for validating EAN-8 and EAN-13 numbers

$ Generator#ean13Property in class Generator
$ Generator#ean8Property in class Generator
$ Generator#e164PhoneNumberProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#emailProperty in class Generator
Barcode::eanChecksum() — Method in class Barcode

Utility function for computing EAN checksums

Barcode::ean13() — Method in class Barcode

Get a random EAN13 barcode.

Barcode::ean8() — Method in class Barcode

Get a random EAN8 barcode.

$ Internet#emailFormatsProperty in class Internet
Internet::email() — Method in class Internet
$ Miscellaneous#emojiProperty in class Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous::emoji() — Method in class Miscellaneous

Returns an encoded Unicode Character between U+1F600 and U+1F637.

$ Payment#expirationDateFormatProperty in class Payment
PhoneNumber::e164PhoneNumber() — Method in class PhoneNumber
$ Text#explodedTextProperty in class Text
Text::explode() — Method in class Text
$ Company#einPrefixesProperty in class Company
Company::ein() — Method in class Company

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

PhoneNumber::exchangeCode() — Method in class PhoneNumber

NXX-format central office exchange code

$ Internet#emailFormatsProperty in class Internet
$ Text#endPunctProperty in class Text
$ Text#encodingProperty in class Text
Text::explode() — Method in class Text
EventClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Application
ClassLoader::ensureManifestIsLoaded() — Method in class ClassLoader
Resp::error() — Method in class Resp
$ AppTrait#errorProperty in class AppTrait
Filesystem::existsInsensitive() — Method in class Filesystem

Determine if a file exists with case insensitivity supported for the file only.

$ Application#executionContextProperty in class Application
Application::error() — Method in class Application
Handler::error() — Method in class Handler

Register an application error handler.

EnvHelperClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Helper
FileHelper::ext() — Method in class FileHelper
EnableCrossRequestClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Http\Middlewares

Class EnableCrossRequest.

EncryptCookiesClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Http\Middlewares
$ VerifyCsrfToken#exceptProperty in class VerifyCsrfToken

The URIs that should be excluded from CSRF verification.

Ini::expandProperty() — Method in class Ini

Expands a single array property from traditional INI syntax.

Ini::evalValue() — Method in class Ini

Converts a PHP value to make it suitable for INI format.

Repository::exists() — Method in class Repository

Determines if the given module exists.

Repository::enabled() — Method in class Repository

Get all enabled modules.

Repository::enable() — Method in class Repository

Enables the specified module.

FileRepository::exists() — Method in class FileRepository

Determines if the given module exists.

FileRepository::enabled() — Method in class FileRepository

Get all enabled modules.

FileRepository::enable() — Method in class FileRepository

Enables the specified module.

Poppy::exists() — Method in class Poppy
Poppy::enabled() — Method in class Poppy
Poppy::enable() — Method in class Poppy
Rule::endsWith() — Method in class Rule

Ends With

Rule::email() — Method in class Rule
FormBuilder::editor() — Method in class FormBuilder
ListPamRole::edit() — Method in class ListPamRole
BanController::establish() — Method in class BanController
HomeController::easyWeb() — Method in class HomeController
PamController::establish() — Method in class PamController

Show the form for creating a new resource.

PamController::enable() — Method in class PamController
RoleController::establish() — Method in class RoleController

编辑 / 创建

EnvControllerClass in namespace Poppy\MgrPage\Http\Request\Develop
Word::establish() — Method in class Word
WordController::establish() — Method in class WordController
Sms::establish() — Method in class Sms
SmsController::establish() — Method in class SmsController
SmsController::establish() — Method in class SmsController
Ban::establish() — Method in class Ban
Pam::enable() — Method in class Pam
Role::establish() — Method in class Role
$ Action#eventProperty in class Action
Action::error() — Method in class Action
Dialog::error() — Method in class Dialog
Form::email() — Method in class Form
$ Interactor#elementsProperty in class Interactor
$ Response#exceptionProperty in class Response
Response::error() — Method in class Response
DefaultBaseApiSign::except() — Method in class DefaultBaseApiSign
UploadContract::enableWatermark() — Method in class UploadContract
Form::edit() — Method in class Form

Generate a edit form.

Form::extend() — Method in class Form

Register custom field.

Form::email() — Method in class Form
Form::embeds() — Method in class Form
EmbeddedFormClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form

Class EmbeddedForm.

EmbeddedForm::email() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::editor() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::embeds() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
$ Field#elementNameProperty in class Field

Form element name.

$ Field#elementClassProperty in class Field

Form element classes.

$ Field#errorKeyProperty in class Field

Key for errors.

EditorClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
EmailClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
EmbedsClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
Fieldset::end() — Method in class Fieldset
File::exts() — Method in class File
HasHooks::editing() — Method in class HasHooks

Set after getting editing model callback.

NestedForm::email() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::editor() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::embeds() — Method in class NestedForm
$ Column#editableProperty in class Column
Column::editable() — Method in class Column
Column::extend() — Method in class Column

Extend column displayer.

$ HasElementNames#elementNamesProperty in class HasElementNames

HTML element names.

HasElementNames::elementNameWithPrefix() — Method in class HasElementNames
$ HasExport#exporterProperty in class HasExport

Export driver.

HasExport::exporter() — Method in class HasExport

Set exporter driver for Grid to export.

ExporterClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid
Exporter::extend() — Method in class Exporter

Extends new exporter driver.

AbstractExporter::export() — Method in class AbstractExporter
CsvExporter::export() — Method in class CsvExporter
ExporterInterfaceClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Exporters
ExporterInterface::export() — Method in class ExporterInterface

Export data from grid.

$ Filter#expandProperty in class Filter
Filter::execute() — Method in class Filter

Execute the filter with conditions.

Filter::extend() — Method in class Filter
Filter::equal() — Method in class Filter
Filter::endsWith() — Method in class Filter
AbstractFilter::email() — Method in class AbstractFilter
EndsWithClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter
$ EndsWith#exprFormatProperty in class EndsWith
EqualClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter
Group::equal() — Method in class Group

Filter out equal records.

Group::endWith() — Method in class Group

Filter out records which ends with input query.

$ Like#exprFormatProperty in class Like
Text::email() — Method in class Text
$ StartsWith#exprFormatProperty in class StartsWith
$ Model#eagerLoadsProperty in class Model
Model::eloquent() — Method in class Model

Get the eloquent model of the grid model.

Model::edit() — Method in class Model
ExportButtonClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Tools
Column::endColumn() — Method in class Column

End column.

Row::endRow() — Method in class Row

End column.

DbTrait::enableQueryLog() — Method in class DbTrait

启用 查询日志

$ DefaultUploadProvider#extensionsProperty in class DefaultUploadProvider
DefaultUploadProvider::enableWatermark() — Method in class DefaultUploadProvider
FormWidget::email() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::editor() — Method in class FormWidget
$ PamDisableEvent#editorProperty in class PamDisableEvent
$ PamEnableEvent#editorProperty in class PamEnableEvent
$ PamAccount#emailProperty in class PamAccount
$ PamToken#expired_atProperty in class PamToken
PamAccountPolicy::edit() — Method in class PamAccountPolicy
PamAccountPolicy::enable() — Method in class PamAccountPolicy
PamRolePolicy::edit() — Method in class PamRolePolicy
Version::establish() — Method in class Version
VersionController::establish() — Method in class VersionController


FormAreaClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormArea::form() — Method in class FormArea

Build a form here.

FormBaseWidgetClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormButtonClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormButton::form() — Method in class FormButton

Build a form here.

FormCaptchaClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormCaptcha::form() — Method in class FormCaptcha

Build a form here.

FormCheckboxClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormCheckbox::form() — Method in class FormCheckbox

Build a form here.

FormCodeClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormCode::form() — Method in class FormCode

Build a form here.

FormColorClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormColor::form() — Method in class FormColor

Build a form here.

FormCurrencyClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormCurrency::form() — Method in class FormCurrency

Build a form here.

FormDateClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormDate::form() — Method in class FormDate

Build a form here.

FormDateRangeClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormDateRange::form() — Method in class FormDateRange

Build a form here.

FormDateTimeClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormDateTime::form() — Method in class FormDateTime

Build a form here.

FormDateTimeRangeClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormDateTimeRange::form() — Method in class FormDateTimeRange

Build a form here.

FormDecimalClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormDecimal::form() — Method in class FormDecimal

Build a form here.

FormDisplayClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormDisplay::form() — Method in class FormDisplay

Build a form here.

FormDividerClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormDivider::form() — Method in class FormDivider

Build a form here.

FormEditorClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormEditor::form() — Method in class FormEditor

Build a form here.

FormEmailClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormEmail::form() — Method in class FormEmail

Build a form here.

FormEmbedsClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormEmbeds::form() — Method in class FormEmbeds

Build a form here.

FormEntranceClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormEntrance::form() — Method in class FormEntrance

Build a form here.

FormFieldSetClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormFieldSet::form() — Method in class FormFieldSet

Build a form here.

FormFileClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormFile::form() — Method in class FormFile

Build a form here.

FormHasManyClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormHasMany::form() — Method in class FormHasMany

Build a form here.

FormHiddenClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormHidden::form() — Method in class FormHidden

Build a form here.

FormHtmlClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormHtml::form() — Method in class FormHtml

Build a form here.

FormIconClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormIcon::form() — Method in class FormIcon

Build a form here.

FormIdClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormId::form() — Method in class FormId

Build a form here.

FormImageClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormImage::form() — Method in class FormImage

Build a form here.

FormIpClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormIp::form() — Method in class FormIp

Build a form here.

FormKeyValueClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormKeyValue::form() — Method in class FormKeyValue

Build a form here.

FormKeywordClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormKeyword::form() — Method in class FormKeyword

Build a form here.

FormLinkClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormLink::form() — Method in class FormLink

Build a form here.

FormListBoxClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormListBox::form() — Method in class FormListBox

Build a form here.

FormListFieldClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormListField::form() — Method in class FormListField

Build a form here.

FormMapClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormMap::form() — Method in class FormMap

Build a form here.

FormMobileClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormMobile::form() — Method in class FormMobile

Build a form here.

FormMonthClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormMonth::form() — Method in class FormMonth

Build a form here.

FormMultiImageClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormMultiImage::form() — Method in class FormMultiImage

Build a form here.

FormMultipleFileClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormMultipleFile::form() — Method in class FormMultipleFile

Build a form here.

FormMultipleImageClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormMultipleImage::form() — Method in class FormMultipleImage

Build a form here.

FormMultipleSelectClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormMultipleSelect::form() — Method in class FormMultipleSelect

Build a form here.

FormNullableClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormNullable::form() — Method in class FormNullable

Build a form here.

FormNumberClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormNumber::form() — Method in class FormNumber

Build a form here.

FormPassWordClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormPassWord::form() — Method in class FormPassWord

Build a form here.

FormRadioClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormRadio::form() — Method in class FormRadio

Build a form here.

FormRateClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormRate::form() — Method in class FormRate

Build a form here.

FormSelectClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormSelect::form() — Method in class FormSelect

Build a form here.

FormSliderClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormSlider::form() — Method in class FormSlider

Build a form here.

FormSwitchFieldClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormSwitchField::form() — Method in class FormSwitchField

Build a form here.

FormTableClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormTable::form() — Method in class FormTable

Build a form here.

FormTagsClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormTags::form() — Method in class FormTags

Build a form here.

FormTextClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormText::form() — Method in class FormText

Build a form here.

FormTextAreaClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormTextArea::form() — Method in class FormTextArea

Build a form here.

FormTimeClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormTime::form() — Method in class FormTime

Build a form here.

FormTimeRangeClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormTimeRange::form() — Method in class FormTimeRange

Build a form here.

FormTimeZoneClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormTimeZone::form() — Method in class FormTimeZone

Build a form here.

FormUploadClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormUpload::form() — Method in class FormUpload

Build a form here.

FormUrlClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormUrl::form() — Method in class FormUrl

Build a form here.

FormYearClass in namespace Demo\Forms
FormYear::form() — Method in class FormYear

Build a form here.

FormEnvHelperClass in namespace Demo\Http\Forms\Helpers
FormEnvHelper::form() — Method in class FormEnvHelper

Build a form here.

FormImageHelperClass in namespace Demo\Http\Forms\Helpers
FormImageHelper::form() — Method in class FormImageHelper

Build a form here.

FormTreeHelperClass in namespace Demo\Http\Forms\Helpers
FormTreeHelper::form() — Method in class FormTreeHelper

Build a form here.

ListPoppyDemo::filter() — Method in class ListPoppyDemo
ListPoppyEditable::filter() — Method in class ListPoppyEditable
ListPoppyIndex::filter() — Method in class ListPoppyIndex
ListPoppyUser::filter() — Method in class ListPoppyUser
ContentController::form() — Method in class ContentController
FormControllerClass in namespace Demo\Http\Request\Web
HelperController::form() — Method in class HelperController
JsController::fe() — Method in class JsController
$ DemoComment#fillableProperty in class DemoComment
$ DemoDb#fillableProperty in class DemoDb
$ DemoUser#fillableProperty in class DemoUser
$ DemoWebapp#fillableProperty in class DemoWebapp
$ DemoWebapp#fileProperty in class DemoWebapp
$ DemoWebapp#first_nameProperty in class DemoWebapp
FactoryClass in namespace Faker
$ AdContent#fillableProperty in class AdContent
$ AdContent#flash_srcProperty in class AdContent
$ AdContent#flash_urlProperty in class AdContent
$ AdContent#flash_loopProperty in class AdContent
AdContent::filter() — Method in class AdContent
$ AdPlace#fillableProperty in class AdPlace
AdPlace::fetch() — Method in class AdPlace
AdPlace::filter() — Method in class AdPlace
FormSettingAliyunOssClass in namespace Poppy\AliyunOss\Http\Forms\Settings
FormSettingAliyunOss::form() — Method in class FormSettingAliyunOss

Build a form here.

FormSettingAliyunPushClass in namespace Poppy\AliyunPush\Forms\Settings
FormSettingAliyunPush::form() — Method in class FormSettingAliyunPush

Build a form here.

Area::fix() — Method in class Area
Area::fixHandle() — Method in class Area
FormAreaEstablishClass in namespace Poppy\Area\Http\Forms\Backend
FormAreaEstablish::form() — Method in class FormAreaEstablish
ListArea::filter() — Method in class ListArea
ListArea::fix() — Method in class ListArea
ContentController::fix() — Method in class ContentController
$ SysArea#fillableProperty in class SysArea
SysArea::filter() — Method in class SysArea
DeleteFormatter::format() — Method in class DeleteFormatter
FormatterClass in namespace Poppy\CanalEs\Classes\Canal\Formatter
Formatter::format() — Method in class Formatter
InsertFormatter::format() — Method in class InsertFormatter
UpdateFormatter::format() — Method in class UpdateFormatter
Message::format() — Method in class Message
Message::formatRows() — Method in class Message
DocumentFormat::format() — Method in class DocumentFormat
DocumentFormatInterface::format() — Method in class DocumentFormatInterface
IndexManager::filter() — Method in class IndexManager

订阅过滤, 默认所有

IndexManager::formatterFormTable() — Method in class IndexManager
IndexManager::formatter() — Method in class IndexManager
RbacRoleTrait::flushPermissionRole() — Method in class RbacRoleTrait
RdsNative::flushDb() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::flushAll() — Method in class RdsNative

清空整个 Redis 服务器的数据

$ AopCertClient#formatProperty in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::fun_adm_each() — Method in class AopCertClient
FacadeClass in namespace Poppy\Extension\IpStore\Support
WxPayDataBase::FromXml() — Method in class WxPayDataBase
WxPayResults::FromArray() — Method in class WxPayResults
FactoryClass in namespace Poppy\Faker
Factory::findProviderClassname() — Method in class Factory
$ Generator#formattersProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#firstNameProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#firstNameMaleProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#firstNameFemaleProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#freeEmailProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#freeEmailDomainProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#firefoxProperty in class Generator
$ Generator#fileExtensionProperty in class Generator
Generator::format() — Method in class Generator
Generator::firstName() — Method in class Generator
Generator::file() — Method in class Generator
FakeJsonsClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\JsonSchema
FakerClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\JsonSchema
$ Company#formatsProperty in class Company
FileClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider
File::fileExtension() — Method in class File

Get a random file extension (without a dot)

File::file() — Method in class File

Copy a random file from the source directory to the target directory and returns the filename/fullpath

$ Internet#freeEmailDomainProperty in class Internet
Internet::freeEmail() — Method in class Internet
Internet::freeEmailDomain() — Method in class Internet
$ Person#firstNameFormatProperty in class Person
$ Person#femaleNameFormatsProperty in class Person
$ Person#firstNameMaleProperty in class Person
$ Person#firstNameFemaleProperty in class Person
Person::firstName() — Method in class Person
Person::firstNameMale() — Method in class Person
Person::firstNameFemale() — Method in class Person
$ PhoneNumber#formatsProperty in class PhoneNumber
UserAgent::firefox() — Method in class UserAgent

Generate Firefox user agent

$ Company#formatsProperty in class Company
$ Person#femaleNameFormatsProperty in class Person
$ Person#firstNameMaleProperty in class Person
$ Person#firstNameFemaleProperty in class Person
$ PhoneNumber#formatsProperty in class PhoneNumber
$ Company#formatsProperty in class Company
$ Internet#freeEmailDomainProperty in class Internet
$ Person#femaleNameFormatsProperty in class Person
$ Person#firstNameMaleProperty in class Person
$ Person#firstNameFemaleProperty in class Person
$ PhoneNumber#formatsProperty in class PhoneNumber
$ Company#formatsProperty in class Company
$ Person#femaleNameFormatsProperty in class Person
Person::firstNameMale() — Method in class Person
Person::firstNameFemale() — Method in class Person
$ PhoneNumber#formatsProperty in class PhoneNumber
Request::formatErrors() — Method in class Request

format errors

TestCase::faker() — Method in class TestCase
$ ClassLoader#filesProperty in class ClassLoader
Number::floor() — Method in class Number

通过舍入当前数字找到下一个最低整数值 Finds the next lowest integer value by rounding down the current number if necessary

Number::filterNumber() — Method in class Number

转换成 String 类型 Filters a number, converting it to a string value

$ PoppyMigrateResetCommand#filesProperty in class PoppyMigrateResetCommand
$ MakePoppyCommand#filesProperty in class MakePoppyCommand

The filesystem instance.

FakerExceptionClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Exceptions
FilesystemClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Filesystem

File helper

$ Filesystem#filePermissionsProperty in class Filesystem
$ Filesystem#folderPermissionsProperty in class Filesystem
Filesystem::fromClass() — Method in class Filesystem

Finds the path to a class

Filesystem::fileNameMatch() — Method in class Filesystem

Match filename against a pattern.

Application::fatal() — Method in class Application
Application::frameworkPath() — Method in class Application

Get poppy framework path or assigned path.

FrameworkServiceProviderClass in namespace Poppy\Framework
ArrayHelper::findKey() — Method in class ArrayHelper

查找值在数组中的位置, 用于 Excel 导入的时候查找下一组键值

FileHelperClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Helper
StrHelper::fromHex() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::fixLink() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::formatId() — Method in class StrHelper
TimeHelper::format() — Method in class TimeHelper
TimeHelper::fetchFormat() — Method in class TimeHelper

通过 Carbon 对象来获取格式化的时间

UtilHelper::formatDecimal() — Method in class UtilHelper

格式化小数, 也可以用于货币的格式化

UtilHelper::fixLink() — Method in class UtilHelper

修复链接地址, 如果没有 :// 则补齐

UtilHelper::formatBytes() — Method in class UtilHelper
Ini::flattenProperties() — Method in class Ini

Flatten a multi-dimensional associative array for traditional INI syntax.

Xml::format() — Method in class Xml
$ Repository#filesProperty in class Repository
FileRepositoryClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Poppy
$ Translator#filesProperty in class Translator
Translator::fetch() — Method in class Translator

Fetch all language line from a local.

Rule::file() — Method in class Rule
FormBuilderClass in namespace Poppy\MgrPage\Classes\Form
FormFacadeClass in namespace Poppy\MgrPage\Facade
ListPamAccount::filter() — Method in class ListPamAccount
ListPamBan::filter() — Method in class ListPamBan
ListPamLog::filter() — Method in class ListPamLog
ListPamRole::filter() — Method in class ListPamRole
ApiController::field() — Method in class ApiController
FormSensWordEstablishClass in namespace Poppy\SensitiveWord\Http\Forms\Backend
FormSensWordEstablish::form() — Method in class FormSensWordEstablish
ListSensitiveWord::filter() — Method in class ListSensitiveWord
$ SysSensitiveWord#fillableProperty in class SysSensitiveWord
FactoryClass in namespace Poppy\Sms\Classes
FormSettingAliyunClass in namespace Poppy\Sms\Http\Forms\Settings
FormSettingAliyun::form() — Method in class FormSettingAliyun

Build a form here.

FormSettingChuanglanClass in namespace Poppy\Sms\Http\Forms\Settings
FormSettingChuanglan::form() — Method in class FormSettingChuanglan

Build a form here.

FormSettingSmsClass in namespace Poppy\Sms\Http\Forms\Settings
FormSettingSms::form() — Method in class FormSettingSms
Ban::forbidden() — Method in class Ban

取消用户 Token 的访问权限

Verification::fetchCaptcha() — Method in class Verification
Action::formatAttributes() — Method in class Action

Format the field attributes.

Dialog::formatSettings() — Method in class Dialog
FormClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Actions\Interactor
$ Form#fieldsProperty in class Form
Form::formatLabel() — Method in class Form
Form::file() — Method in class Form
FormClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes

Class Form.

$ Form#fieldAliasProperty in class Form

Form field alias.

Form::fieldset() — Method in class Form

Add a fieldset to form.

Form::footer() — Method in class Form

Footer setting for form.

Form::forget() — Method in class Form

Remove registered field.

Form::findFieldClass() — Method in class Form

Find field class.

Form::file() — Method in class Form
$ Builder#formProperty in class Builder
$ Builder#fieldsProperty in class Builder
$ Builder#footerProperty in class Builder
Builder::fields() — Method in class Builder

Get fields of this builder.

Builder::field() — Method in class Builder

Get specify field.

$ EmbeddedForm#fieldsProperty in class EmbeddedForm

Fields in form.

EmbeddedForm::fields() — Method in class EmbeddedForm

Get all fields in current form.

EmbeddedForm::fill() — Method in class EmbeddedForm

Fill data to all fields in form.

EmbeddedForm::formatField() — Method in class EmbeddedForm

Format form, set element name error key and element class.

EmbeddedForm::file() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
FieldClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form

Class Field.

$ Field#formProperty in class Field

Parent form.

Field::fill() — Method in class Field

Fill data to the field.

Field::formatName() — Method in class Field

Format the name of the field.

Field::formatColumn() — Method in class Field

Format the field column name.

Field::formatId() — Method in class Field

Format the field element id.

Field::formatLabel() — Method in class Field

Format the label value.

Field::formatValue() — Method in class Field

Format value by passing custom formater.

Field::formatRules() — Method in class Field

Format validation rules.

Field::formatAttributes() — Method in class Field

Format the field attributes.

Checkbox::fill() — Method in class Checkbox
Embeds::formatValidationAttribute() — Method in class Embeds

Format validation attributes.

FieldsetClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
FileClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
File::file() — Method in class File
HasMany::formatValidationAttribute() — Method in class HasMany

Format validation attributes.

KeyValue::fill() — Method in class KeyValue

Fill data to the field.

ListField::fill() — Method in class ListField

Fill data to the field.

MultipleSelect::fill() — Method in class MultipleSelect
Tags::fill() — Method in class Tags
FooterClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form
$ Column#fieldsProperty in class Column
Column::fields() — Method in class Column

Get all filters in this column.

$ NestedForm#fieldsProperty in class NestedForm

Fields in form.

$ NestedForm#formProperty in class NestedForm
NestedForm::fetchColumnValue() — Method in class NestedForm

Fetch value in input data by column name.

NestedForm::fields() — Method in class NestedForm

Get fields of this form.

NestedForm::fill() — Method in class NestedForm

Fill data to all fields in form.

NestedForm::formatField() — Method in class NestedForm

Set errorKey elementName elementClass for fields inside hasmany fields.

NestedForm::file() — Method in class NestedForm
$ Row#formProperty in class Row

Parent form.

$ Row#fieldsProperty in class Row

Fields in this row.

$ Tab#formProperty in class Tab
$ Tools#formProperty in class Tools
Tools::form() — Method in class Tools

Get parent form of tool.

$ UploadField#fileActionSettingsProperty in class UploadField

Configuration for setting up file actions for newly selected file thumbnails in the preview window.

$ UploadField#fileTypesProperty in class UploadField
$ Column#fixedProperty in class Column
Column::fixed() — Method in class Column

标识列为可fix 显示

Column::filter() — Method in class Column

Set column filter.

Column::filesize() — Method in class Column

Convert file size to a human readable format like 100mb.

Column::fill() — Method in class Column

Fill all data to every column.

FilterClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Column
$ HasHeader#filterProperty in class HasHeader
$ HasFilter#filterProperty in class HasFilter
HasFilter::filter() — Method in class HasFilter

Set the grid filter.

Exporter::formatExportQuery() — Method in class Exporter

Format query for export url.

FilterClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid
$ Filter#filtersProperty in class Filter
$ Filter#filterIdProperty in class Filter
Filter::filters() — Method in class Filter

Get all filters.

Filter::fullUrlWithoutQuery() — Method in class Filter

Get full url without query strings.

AbstractFilter::formatLabel() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Format label.

AbstractFilter::formatName() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Format name.

AbstractFilter::formatId() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Format id.

Between::formatId() — Method in class Between

Format id.

Between::formatName() — Method in class Between

Format two field names of this filter.

$ Date#fieldNameProperty in class Date
$ Day#fieldNameProperty in class Day
$ Column#filtersProperty in class Column
Column::filters() — Method in class Column

Get all filters in this column.

$ Month#fieldNameProperty in class Month
$ Presenter#filterProperty in class Presenter
$ Year#fieldNameProperty in class Year
Model::findQueryByMethod() — Method in class Model

Find query by method name.

FilterButtonClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Tools
FilterButton::filter() — Method in class FilterButton
HtmlParser::find() — Method in class HtmlParser
Payment::fetch() — Method in class Payment
DbTrait::fieldVal() — Method in class DbTrait
DbTrait::fetchQueryLog() — Method in class DbTrait
FieldFilterTraitClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Traits

Account 过滤

FilterTraitClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Traits

对 filter 的封装, 进行页面返回

FixTraitClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Traits
$ FixTrait#fixProperty in class FixTrait
FixTrait::fixInit() — Method in class FixTrait
FixTrait::fixView() — Method in class FixTrait
FixTrait::fixResp() — Method in class FixTrait
$ BoxWidget#footerProperty in class BoxWidget
FormWidgetClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Widgets

Class Form.

$ FormWidget#fieldsProperty in class FormWidget
FormWidget::fill() — Method in class FormWidget

Fill data to form fields.

FormWidget::formatAttribute() — Method in class FormWidget

Format form attributes form array to html.

FormWidget::fields() — Method in class FormWidget

Get all fields of form.

FormWidget::fieldset() — Method in class FormWidget

Add a fieldset to form.

FormWidget::fetchSkeleton() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::file() — Method in class FormWidget
Widget::formatAttributes() — Method in class Widget

Build an HTML attribute string from an array.

FormExceptionClass in namespace Poppy\System\Exceptions
FormBanEstablishClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Backend
FormBanEstablish::form() — Method in class FormBanEstablish
FormMailStoreClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Backend
FormMailStore::form() — Method in class FormMailStore

Build a form here.

FormMailTestClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Backend
FormMailTest::form() — Method in class FormMailTest

Build a form here.

FormPamDisableClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Backend
FormPamDisable::form() — Method in class FormPamDisable

Build a form here.

FormPamEnableClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Backend
FormPamEnable::form() — Method in class FormPamEnable

Build a form here.

FormPamEstablishClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Backend
FormPamEstablish::form() — Method in class FormPamEstablish
FormPamPasswordClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Backend
FormPamPassword::form() — Method in class FormPamPassword

Build a form here.

FormPasswordClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Backend
FormPassword::form() — Method in class FormPassword

Build a form here.

FormRoleEstablishClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Backend
FormRoleEstablish::form() — Method in class FormRoleEstablish
FormSettingBaseClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Settings
FormSettingPamClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Settings
FormSettingPam::form() — Method in class FormSettingPam
FormSettingSiteClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Settings
FormSettingSite::form() — Method in class FormSettingSite

Build a form here.

FormSettingUploadClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Forms\Settings
FormSettingUpload::form() — Method in class FormSettingUpload

Build a form here.

ListBase::filter() — Method in class ListBase
ListContract::filter() — Method in class ListContract
CaptchaController::fetch() — Method in class CaptchaController
UploadController::file() — Method in class UploadController
$ PamAccount#fillableProperty in class PamAccount
PamAccount::fullFilledPassport() — Method in class PamAccount

补足 86 手机号

PamAccount::fetch() — Method in class PamAccount
$ PamBan#fillableProperty in class PamBan
$ PamLog#fillableProperty in class PamLog
$ PamPermission#fillableProperty in class PamPermission
$ PamPermissionRole#fillableProperty in class PamPermissionRole
$ PamRole#fillableProperty in class PamRole
$ PamRoleAccount#fillableProperty in class PamRoleAccount
$ PamToken#fillableProperty in class PamToken
$ SysConfig#fillableProperty in class SysConfig
FormSettingVersionClass in namespace Poppy\Version\Http\Forms\Backend
FormSettingVersion::form() — Method in class FormSettingVersion
FormVersionEstablishClass in namespace Poppy\Version\Http\Forms\Backend
FormVersionEstablish::form() — Method in class FormVersionEstablish
ListAppVersion::filter() — Method in class ListAppVersion
$ SysAppVersion#fillableProperty in class SysAppVersion


GeneratorClass in namespace Faker
Sts::getTempKey() — Method in class Sts
$ FormSettingAliyunOss#groupProperty in class FormSettingAliyunOss
AliPush::getInstance() — Method in class AliPush
Config::getIosAppKey() — Method in class Config
Config::getAndroidChannel() — Method in class Config
Config::getAndroidActivity() — Method in class Config
Config::getAndroidAppKey() — Method in class Config
Config::getAccessKey() — Method in class Config
Config::getAccessSecret() — Method in class Config
BaseClient::getResult() — Method in class BaseClient
PushMessage::getDeviceType() — Method in class PushMessage
PushMessage::getExtParameters() — Method in class PushMessage
PushMessage::getBody() — Method in class PushMessage
PushMessage::getPushType() — Method in class PushMessage
PushMessage::getTarget() — Method in class PushMessage
PushMessage::getTargetValue() — Method in class PushMessage
PushMessage::getTitle() — Method in class PushMessage
PushMessage::getQuery() — Method in class PushMessage
$ FormSettingAliyunPush#groupProperty in class FormSettingAliyunPush
Area::getChildren() — Method in class Area
Config::getClientType() — Method in class Config
Config::getHost() — Method in class Config
Config::getPort() — Method in class Config
Config::getDestination() — Method in class Config
Config::getClientId() — Method in class Config
Config::getFilter() — Method in class Config
Formatter::getColumns() — Method in class Formatter
Formatter::getValues() — Method in class Formatter
Message::getDeleted() — Method in class Message
Message::getInserted() — Method in class Message
Message::getUpdated() — Method in class Message
CreateIndexCommand::getArguments() — Method in class CreateIndexCommand
CreateIndexCommand::getOptions() — Method in class CreateIndexCommand
ImportCommand::getArguments() — Method in class ImportCommand
ImportCommand::getOptions() — Method in class ImportCommand
MonitorCommand::getArguments() — Method in class MonitorCommand
SettingContract::get() — Method in class SettingContract

Get a setting value by key.

DocCommand::getArguments() — Method in class DocCommand

Get the console command arguments.

OpCommand::getArguments() — Method in class OpCommand
OpCommand::getOptions() — Method in class OpCommand
ModuleManager::get() — Method in class ModuleManager

Get a module by name.

ModuleManager::getExcepts() — Method in class ModuleManager
PermissionFacade::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class PermissionFacade
RbacFacade::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class RbacFacade
$ Permission#groupTitleProperty in class Permission
$ Permission#groupProperty in class Permission
Permission::group() — Method in class Permission
Permission::groupTitle() — Method in class Permission
RdsNative::get() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::getSet() — Method in class RdsNative

将键 key 的值设为 value , 并返回键 key 在被设置之前的旧值。

RdsNative::getRange() — Method in class RdsNative

返回键 key 储存的字符串值的指定部分, 字符串的截取范围由 start 和 end 两个偏移量决定 (包括 start 和 end 在内)。 负数偏移量表示从字符串的末尾开始计数, -1 表示最后一个字符, -2 表示倒数第二个字符, 以此类推。

RdsNative::geoAdd() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::geoPos() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::geoDist() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::geoRadius() — Method in class RdsNative

以给定的经纬度为中心, 返回键包含的位置元素当中, 与中心的距离不超过给定最大距离的所有位置元素。

RdsNative::geoRadiusByMember() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::geoHash() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::getBit() — Method in class RdsNative
$ AopCertClient#gatewayUrlProperty in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::getCertSN() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::getCertSNByContent() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::getRootCertSN() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::getRootCertSNByContent() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::getPublicKey() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::getSignContentUrlencode() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::generateSign() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::getSignContent() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertClient::getMillisecond() — Method in class AopCertClient
AopCertEncrypt::getSignatureAlgorithmOid() — Method in class AopCertEncrypt

Get signature algorithm oid from der encoded signature data.

AopCertEncrypt::getSignatureHash() — Method in class AopCertEncrypt

Get signature hash from der encoded signature data.

AopClient::getPublicKeyPath() — Method in class AopClient
AopClient::generateSign() — Method in class AopClient
AopClient::getSignContent() — Method in class AopClient
AopClient::getSignContentUrlEncode() — Method in class AopClient
AopClient::getMillisecond() — Method in class AopClient
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayFundTransOrderQueryRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayFundTransToaccountTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayFundTransUniTransferRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getCode() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getGrantType() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getRefreshToken() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipaySystemOauthTokenRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradeAppPayRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayTradeAppPayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradePagePayRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayTradePagePayRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeQueryRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayTradeQueryRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeRefundRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayTradeRefundRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayTradeWapPayRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayTradeWapPayRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenCertifyRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenInitializeRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getBizContent() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getApiMethodName() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getNotifyUrl() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getReturnUrl() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getApiParas() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getTerminalType() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getTerminalInfo() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getProdCode() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getApiVersion() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest::getNeedEncrypt() — Method in class AlipayUserCertifyOpenQueryRequest
Facade::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class Facade
Pinyin::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class Pinyin
WxPayAppApiPay::GetValues() — Method in class WxPayAppApiPay
WxPayBizPayUrl::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayBizPayUrl
WxPayBizPayUrl::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayBizPayUrl
WxPayBizPayUrl::GetTime_stamp() — Method in class WxPayBizPayUrl
WxPayBizPayUrl::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayBizPayUrl
WxPayBizPayUrl::GetProduct_id() — Method in class WxPayBizPayUrl
WxPayCloseOrder::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayCloseOrder
WxPayCloseOrder::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayCloseOrder
WxPayCloseOrder::GetOut_trade_no() — Method in class WxPayCloseOrder
WxPayCloseOrder::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayCloseOrder

获取商户系统内部的订单号,32个字符内、可包含字母, 其他说明见商户订单号的值

WxPayConfig::getAppId() — Method in class WxPayConfig
WxPayConfig::getMchId() — Method in class WxPayConfig
WxPayConfig::getKey() — Method in class WxPayConfig
WxPayConfig::getAppSecret() — Method in class WxPayConfig
WxPayConfig::getProxyHost() — Method in class WxPayConfig
WxPayConfig::getProxyPort() — Method in class WxPayConfig
WxPayConfig::getSslCertPath() — Method in class WxPayConfig
WxPayConfig::getSslKeyPath() — Method in class WxPayConfig
WxPayDataBase::GetSign() — Method in class WxPayDataBase
WxPayDataBase::GetValues() — Method in class WxPayDataBase
WxPayDownloadBill::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayDownloadBill
WxPayDownloadBill::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayDownloadBill
WxPayDownloadBill::GetDevice_info() — Method in class WxPayDownloadBill
WxPayDownloadBill::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayDownloadBill
WxPayDownloadBill::GetBill_date() — Method in class WxPayDownloadBill
WxPayDownloadBill::GetBill_type() — Method in class WxPayDownloadBill
WxPayJsApiPay::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayJsApiPay
WxPayJsApiPay::GetTimeStamp() — Method in class WxPayJsApiPay
WxPayJsApiPay::GetReturn_code() — Method in class WxPayJsApiPay
WxPayJsApiPay::GetPackage() — Method in class WxPayJsApiPay
WxPayJsApiPay::GetSignType() — Method in class WxPayJsApiPay
WxPayJsApiPay::GetPaySign() — Method in class WxPayJsApiPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetDevice_info() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetBody() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetDetail() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetAttach() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetOut_trade_no() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay

获取商户系统内部的订单号,32个字符内、可包含字母, 其他说明见商户订单号的值

WxPayMicroPay::GetTotal_fee() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetFee_type() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay

获取符合ISO 4217标准的三位字母代码,默认人民币:CNY,其他值列表详见货币类型的值

WxPayMicroPay::GetSpbill_create_ip() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay

获取调用微信支付API的机器IP 的值

WxPayMicroPay::GetTime_start() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetTime_expire() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetGoods_tag() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayMicroPay::GetAuth_code() — Method in class WxPayMicroPay
WxPayNativePay::GetPrePayUrl() — Method in class WxPayNativePay
WxPayNativePay::GetPayUrl() — Method in class WxPayNativePay
WxPayNotifyReply::GetReturn_code() — Method in class WxPayNotifyReply


WxPayNotifyReply::GetReturn_msg() — Method in class WxPayNotifyReply
WxPayOrderQuery::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayOrderQuery
WxPayOrderQuery::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayOrderQuery
WxPayOrderQuery::GetTransaction_id() — Method in class WxPayOrderQuery
WxPayOrderQuery::GetOut_trade_no() — Method in class WxPayOrderQuery
WxPayOrderQuery::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayOrderQuery
WxPayRefund::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayRefund
WxPayRefund::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayRefund
WxPayRefund::GetDevice_info() — Method in class WxPayRefund
WxPayRefund::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayRefund
WxPayRefund::GetTransaction_id() — Method in class WxPayRefund
WxPayRefund::GetOut_trade_no() — Method in class WxPayRefund

获取商户系统内部的订单号,transaction_id、out_trade_no二选一,如果同时存在优先级:transaction_id> out_trade_no的值

WxPayRefund::GetOut_refund_no() — Method in class WxPayRefund
WxPayRefund::GetTotal_fee() — Method in class WxPayRefund
WxPayRefund::GetRefund_fee() — Method in class WxPayRefund
WxPayRefund::GetRefund_fee_type() — Method in class WxPayRefund

获取货币类型,符合ISO 4217标准的三位字母代码,默认人民币:CNY,其他值列表详见货币类型的值

WxPayRefund::GetOp_user_id() — Method in class WxPayRefund

获取操作员帐号, 默认为商户号的值

WxPayRefundQuery::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayRefundQuery
WxPayRefundQuery::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayRefundQuery
WxPayRefundQuery::GetDevice_info() — Method in class WxPayRefundQuery
WxPayRefundQuery::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayRefundQuery
WxPayRefundQuery::GetTransaction_id() — Method in class WxPayRefundQuery
WxPayRefundQuery::GetOut_trade_no() — Method in class WxPayRefundQuery
WxPayRefundQuery::GetOut_refund_no() — Method in class WxPayRefundQuery
WxPayRefundQuery::GetRefund_id() — Method in class WxPayRefundQuery
WxPayReport::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetDevice_info() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetInterface_url() — Method in class WxPayReport


WxPayReport::GetExecute_time_() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetReturn_code() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetReturn_msg() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetResult_code() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetErr_code() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetErr_code_des() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayReport::GetOut_trade_no() — Method in class WxPayReport

获取商户系统内部的订单号,商户可以在上报时提供相关商户订单号方便微信支付更好的提高服务质量。 的值

WxPayReport::GetUser_ip() — Method in class WxPayReport

获取发起接口调用时的机器IP 的值

WxPayReport::GetTime() — Method in class WxPayReport
WxPayRequest::getConfig() — Method in class WxPayRequest
WxPayRequest::getNonceStr() — Method in class WxPayRequest
WxPayReverse::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayReverse
WxPayReverse::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayReverse
WxPayReverse::GetTransaction_id() — Method in class WxPayReverse
WxPayReverse::GetOut_trade_no() — Method in class WxPayReverse

获取商户系统内部的订单号,transaction_id、out_trade_no二选一,如果同时存在优先级:transaction_id> out_trade_no的值

WxPayReverse::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayReverse
WxPayShortUrl::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayShortUrl
WxPayShortUrl::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayShortUrl
WxPayShortUrl::GetLong_url() — Method in class WxPayShortUrl

获取需要转换的URL,签名用原串,传输需URL encode的值

WxPayShortUrl::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayShortUrl
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetAppid() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetMch_id() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetDevice_info() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetNonce_str() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetBody() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetDetail() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetAttach() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetOut_trade_no() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder

获取商户系统内部的订单号,32个字符内、可包含字母, 其他说明见商户订单号的值

WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetFee_type() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder

获取符合ISO 4217标准的三位字母代码,默认人民币:CNY,其他值列表详见货币类型的值

WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetTotal_fee() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetSpbill_create_ip() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetTime_start() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetTime_expire() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetGoods_tag() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetNotify_url() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetTrade_type() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetProduct_id() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder
WxPayUnifiedOrder::GetOpenid() — Method in class WxPayUnifiedOrder

获取trade_type=JSAPI,此参数必传,用户在商户appid下的唯一标识。下单前需要调用【网页授权获取用户信息】接口获取到用户的Openid。 的值

Luhn::generateLuhnNumber() — Method in class Luhn

Generate a Luhn compliant number.

$ Documentor#generatorProperty in class Documentor
Documentor::getFormatters() — Method in class Documentor
Factory::getProviderClassname() — Method in class Factory
GeneratorClass in namespace Poppy\Faker
Generator::getProviders() — Method in class Generator
Generator::getFormatter() — Method in class Generator
$ Name#generatorProperty in class Name
Name::guessFormat() — Method in class Name
Faker::generate() — Method in class Faker

Create fake data with JSON schema

Faker::getMaximum() — Method in class Faker
Faker::getMinimum() — Method in class Faker
Faker::getRandomSchema() — Method in class Faker
Faker::getMultipleOf() — Method in class Faker
Faker::getInternetFakerInstance() — Method in class Faker
Faker::getFormattedValue() — Method in class Faker
Faker::getProperties() — Method in class Faker
$ Base#generatorProperty in class Base
DateTime::getMaxTimestamp() — Method in class DateTime
DateTime::getDefaultTimezone() — Method in class DateTime

Gets default time zone.

Text::getConsecutiveWords() — Method in class Text
Text::getExplodedText() — Method in class Text
$ UniqueGenerator#generatorProperty in class UniqueGenerator
$ ValidGenerator#generatorProperty in class ValidGenerator
ClassLoader::getDirectories() — Method in class ClassLoader
ConsoleTable::getHeaders() — Method in class ConsoleTable

Get the row of header

Mocker::generate() — Method in class Mocker

Mocker 生成器 { "name" : "name" }

Number::getScale() — Method in class Number

返回小数位数 Returns the scale used for this BigNumber

Number::getValue() — Method in class Number

获取字串值 Returns the current raw value of this BigNumber

Resp::getCode() — Method in class Resp
Resp::getMessage() — Method in class Resp
AppTrait::getError() — Method in class AppTrait
AppTrait::getSuccess() — Method in class AppTrait

Get success messages;

HasAttributesTrait::get() — Method in class HasAttributesTrait
MigrationTrait::getMigrationPath() — Method in class MigrationTrait

Get migration directory path.

PoppyDisableCommand::getArguments() — Method in class PoppyDisableCommand

Get the console command arguments.

PoppyEnableCommand::getArguments() — Method in class PoppyEnableCommand

Get the console command arguments.

PoppyListCommand::getModules() — Method in class PoppyListCommand

Get all modules.

PoppyListCommand::getModuleInformation() — Method in class PoppyListCommand

Returns module manifest information.

PoppyMigrateCommand::getArguments() — Method in class PoppyMigrateCommand

Get the console command arguments.

PoppyMigrateCommand::getOptions() — Method in class PoppyMigrateCommand

Get the console command options.

PoppyMigrateRefreshCommand::getArguments() — Method in class PoppyMigrateRefreshCommand

Get the console command arguments.

PoppyMigrateRefreshCommand::getOptions() — Method in class PoppyMigrateRefreshCommand

Get the console command options.

PoppyMigrateResetCommand::getMigrationPaths() — Method in class PoppyMigrateResetCommand

Generate a list of all migration paths, given the arguments/operations supplied.

PoppyMigrateResetCommand::getSlugsToReset() — Method in class PoppyMigrateResetCommand

Using the arguments, generate a list of slugs to reset the migrations for.

PoppyMigrateResetCommand::getParameters() — Method in class PoppyMigrateResetCommand

Get the console command parameters.

PoppyMigrateResetCommand::getArguments() — Method in class PoppyMigrateResetCommand

Get the console command arguments.

PoppyMigrateResetCommand::getOptions() — Method in class PoppyMigrateResetCommand

Get the console command options.

PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand::getArguments() — Method in class PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand

Get the console command arguments.

PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand::getOptions() — Method in class PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand

Get the console command options.

PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand::getMigrationPaths() — Method in class PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand

Get all of the migration paths.

PoppySeedCommand::getArguments() — Method in class PoppySeedCommand
PoppySeedCommand::getOptions() — Method in class PoppySeedCommand
GeneratorCommandClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Console

Poppy Generator Command

GeneratorCommand::getPath() — Method in class GeneratorCommand
GeneratorServiceProviderClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Console
MakeCommandCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeCommandCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeCommandCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeCommandCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakeControllerCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeControllerCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeControllerCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeControllerCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakeEventCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeEventCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeEventCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeEventCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakeListenerCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeListenerCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeListenerCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeListenerCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakeMiddlewareCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeMiddlewareCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeMiddlewareCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeMiddlewareCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakeModelCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeModelCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeModelCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeModelCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakePolicyCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakePolicyCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakePolicyCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakePolicyCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakePoppyCommand::generate() — Method in class MakePoppyCommand

Generate the module.

MakePoppyCommand::generateModule() — Method in class MakePoppyCommand

Generate defined module folders.

MakeProviderCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeProviderCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeProviderCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeProviderCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakeRequestCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeRequestCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeRequestCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeRequestCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakeSeederCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeSeederCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeSeederCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeSeederCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

MakeTestCommand::getStub() — Method in class MakeTestCommand

Get the stub file for the generator.

MakeTestCommand::getDefaultNamespace() — Method in class MakeTestCommand

Get the default namespace for the class.

Migrator::getRanMigrations() — Method in class Migrator

Get all the ran migrations.

AjaxException::getContents() — Method in class AjaxException

Returns invalid fields.

IniFacade::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class IniFacade

Get the registered name of the component.

XmlFacade::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class XmlFacade

Get the registered name of the component.

YamlFacade::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class YamlFacade

Get the registered name of the component.

Filesystem::getFilePermissions() — Method in class Filesystem

Returns the default file permission mask to use.

Filesystem::getFolderPermissions() — Method in class Filesystem

Returns the default folder permission mask to use.

Application::getCachedConfigPath() — Method in class Application

Get cached config path.

Application::getCachedRoutesPath() — Method in class Application

Get cached routes path.

Application::getCachedPackagesPath() — Method in class Application

Get cached packages path.

Application::getCachedServicesPath() — Method in class Application

Get cached services file path.

Application::getCachedClassesPath() — Method in class Application

Get the path to the cached packages.php file.

Handler::getStatusCode() — Method in class Handler

Checks if the exception implements the HttpExceptionInterface, or returns as generic 500 error code for a server side error.

ArrayHelper::genKey() — Method in class ArrayHelper

根据数组生成自定义key序列, | 作为 kv 分隔, ; 作为 kv 之间的分隔 ['name'=>'mark Zhao'] 转化为 name|mark Zhao

CookieHelper::get() — Method in class CookieHelper
FileHelper::getJson() — Method in class FileHelper

获取json 对象或者数组

ImgHelper::getImageInfo() — Method in class ImgHelper
RouterHelper::getParameterName() — Method in class RouterHelper

Extracts the parameter name from a URL pattern segment definition.

RouterHelper::getSegmentRegExp() — Method in class RouterHelper

Extracts the regular expression from a URL pattern segment definition.

RouterHelper::getSegmentDefaultValue() — Method in class RouterHelper

Extracts the default parameter value from a URL pattern segment definition.

StrHelper::getClassId() — Method in class StrHelper

从对象或者类名中生成 class id

StrHelper::getClassNamespace() — Method in class StrHelper
TimeHelper::gmTime() — Method in class TimeHelper

标准的UNIX时间戳 获得当前格林威治时间的时间戳

TimeHelper::gmStr2Time() — Method in class TimeHelper
TreeHelper::getParent() — Method in class TreeHelper
TreeHelper::getChild() — Method in class TreeHelper
TreeHelper::getPos() — Method in class TreeHelper
TreeHelper::getTree() — Method in class TreeHelper
TreeHelper::getTreeArray() — Method in class TreeHelper
TreeHelper::getTreeMulti() — Method in class TreeHelper
TreeHelper::getTreeCategory() — Method in class TreeHelper
UtilHelper::genTree() — Method in class UtilHelper
UtilHelper::genSplash() — Method in class UtilHelper

生成 提示信息

UtilHelper::getDistance() — Method in class UtilHelper
UtilHelper::guid() — Method in class UtilHelper

guid 生成函数

Repository::getManifest() — Method in class Repository

Get a module's manifest contents.

Repository::getPath() — Method in class Repository

Get modules path.

Repository::getNamespace() — Method in class Repository

Get modules namespace.

Repository::getManifestPath() — Method in class Repository

Get path of module manifest file.

Repository::getAllBaseNames() — Method in class Repository

获取所有模块的基本名称 Get all module base names.

Repository::getManifest() — Method in class Repository

Returns the modules defined manifest properties.

Repository::get() — Method in class Repository

Returns the given module property.

FileRepository::get() — Method in class FileRepository

Get a module property value.

Poppy::getManifest() — Method in class Poppy
Poppy::get() — Method in class Poppy
PoppyServiceProvider::getModule() — Method in class PoppyServiceProvider
Translator::getLine() — Method in class Translator

Retrieve a language line out the loaded array.

Rule::gt() — Method in class Rule
Rule::gte() — Method in class Rule
FormFacade::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class FormFacade
HashMapContract::get() — Method in class HashMapContract
Dict::getDirectory() — Method in class Dict
HashMap::get() — Method in class HashMap
Words::getIllegalWords() — Method in class Words
Sms::getTemplates() — Method in class Sms
Sms::getItem() — Method in class Sms
$ FormSettingAliyun#groupProperty in class FormSettingAliyun
$ FormSettingChuanglan#groupProperty in class FormSettingChuanglan
$ FormSettingSms#groupProperty in class FormSettingSms
Role::getRole() — Method in class Role
Verification::genCaptcha() — Method in class Verification
Verification::genOnceVerifyCode() — Method in class Verification
Verification::getHiddenStr() — Method in class Verification
Verification::getHidden() — Method in class Verification
Verification::getCaptcha() — Method in class Verification
Action::getElementClass() — Method in class Action
Action::getMethod() — Method in class Action
Action::getCalledClass() — Method in class Action
Action::getHandleRoute() — Method in class Action
Action::getModelClass() — Method in class Action
GridActionClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Actions

Class GridAction.

GridAction::getResource() — Method in class GridAction

Get url path of current resource.

GridAction::getModelClass() — Method in class GridAction
Form::getModalId() — Method in class Form
Response::getPlugin() — Method in class Response
RowAction::getRow() — Method in class RowAction
RowAction::getKey() — Method in class RowAction

Get primary key value of current row.

SweatAlert2::getOptions() — Method in class SweatAlert2
Toastr::getOptions() — Method in class Toastr
JwtAuthGuard::generateTokenById() — Method in class JwtAuthGuard

Generate new token by ID.

JwtAuthGuard::getToken() — Method in class JwtAuthGuard

Get the token.

JwtAuthGuard::getPayload() — Method in class JwtAuthGuard

Get the raw Payload instance.

JwtAuthGuard::getLastAttempted() — Method in class JwtAuthGuard

Get the last user we attempted to authenticate.

JwtAuthGuard::getUser() — Method in class JwtAuthGuard

Return the currently cached user.

JwtAuthGuard::getProvider() — Method in class JwtAuthGuard

Get the user provider used by the guard.

DefaultPasswordProvider::genPassword() — Method in class DefaultPasswordProvider
PasswordContract::genPassword() — Method in class PasswordContract
UploadContract::getDestination() — Method in class UploadContract
UploadContract::getUrl() — Method in class UploadContract
UploadContract::getReturnUrl() — Method in class UploadContract
Form::getTab() — Method in class Form

Get Tab instance.

Form::getRelations() — Method in class Form

Get all relations of model from callable.

Form::getLayout() — Method in class Form
Form::getRelationInputs() — Method in class Form

Get inputs for relations.

Form::getDataByColumn() — Method in class Form
Form::getFieldByColumn() — Method in class Form

Find field object by column.

Builder::getTools() — Method in class Builder

Get form tools instance.

Builder::getFooter() — Method in class Builder

Get form footer instance.

Builder::getMode() — Method in class Builder
Builder::getResourceId() — Method in class Builder

Get Resource id.

Builder::getResource() — Method in class Builder
Builder::getWidth() — Method in class Builder

Get label and field width.

Builder::getAction() — Method in class Builder

Get Form action.

Builder::getRows() — Method in class Builder

Get field rows of form.

Builder::getHiddenFields() — Method in class Builder
$ Field#groupClassProperty in class Field
Field::getValidationMessages() — Method in class Field

Get validation messages for the field.

Field::getErrorKey() — Method in class Field

Get key for error message.

Field::getDefault() — Method in class Field

Get default value.

Field::getValidator() — Method in class Field

Get validator for this field.

Field::getPlaceholder() — Method in class Field

Get placeholder.

Field::getViewElementClasses() — Method in class Field
Field::getElementClass() — Method in class Field

Get element class.

Field::getLabelClass() — Method in class Field
Field::getView() — Method in class Field

Get view of this field.

Field::getType() — Method in class Field
Field::getRules() — Method in class Field

Get field validation rules.

Field::getElementClassString() — Method in class Field

Get element class string.

Field::getElementClassSelector() — Method in class Field

Get element class selector.

Field::getGroupClass() — Method in class Field

Get element class.

Embeds::getValidator() — Method in class Embeds
Embeds::getEmbeddedData() — Method in class Embeds

Get data for Embedded form.

HasMany::getValidator() — Method in class HasMany

Get validator for this field.

HasMany::getKeyName() — Method in class HasMany

Get the HasMany relation key name.

KeyValue::getValidator() — Method in class KeyValue
ListField::getValidator() — Method in class ListField
Map::getAssets() — Method in class Map

Get assets required by this field.

MultipleFile::getValidator() — Method in class MultipleFile
MultipleSelect::getOtherKey() — Method in class MultipleSelect

Get other key for this many-to-many relation.

$ Select#groupsProperty in class Select
Select::groups() — Method in class Select

Set option groups.

Table::getKeyName() — Method in class Table

Get the HasMany relation key name.

NestedForm::getKey() — Method in class NestedForm

Get the value of the model's primary key.

NestedForm::getForm() — Method in class NestedForm

Get form.

NestedForm::getTemplateHtmlAndScript() — Method in class NestedForm

Get the html and script of template.

Row::getFields() — Method in class Row

Get fields of this row.

Tab::getTabs() — Method in class Tab

Get all tabs.

Tools::getListPath() — Method in class Tools

Get request path for resource list.

Tools::getDeletePath() — Method in class Tools

Get request path for edit.

Tools::getViewPath() — Method in class Tools

Get request path for delete.

UploadField::getDirectory() — Method in class UploadField

Get directory for store file.

UploadField::guessPreviewType() — Method in class UploadField
UploadField::getStoreName() — Method in class UploadField

Get store name of upload file.

UploadField::generateUniqueName() — Method in class UploadField

Generate a unique name for uploaded file.

UploadField::generateSequenceName() — Method in class UploadField

Generate a sequence name for uploaded file.

GridClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes
Grid::getKeyName() — Method in class Grid

Get primary key name of model.

Grid::getPerPage() — Method in class Grid
$ Column#gridProperty in class Column
Column::gravatar() — Method in class Column

使用 gravatar 来显示头像图

Column::getAttributes() — Method in class Column

Get column attributes.

Filter::getColumnName() — Method in class Filter

Get column name.

Filter::getFilterValue() — Method in class Filter

Get filter value of this column.

Filter::getFormAction() — Method in class Filter

Get form action url.

HasHeader::getHeader() — Method in class HasHeader
CanHidesColumns::getDefaultVisibleColumnNames() — Method in class CanHidesColumns

Get default visible column names.

CanHidesColumns::getVisibleColumnsFromQuery() — Method in class CanHidesColumns

Get visible columns from request query.

HasActions::getActionClass() — Method in class HasActions

Get action display class.

HasElementNames::getName() — Method in class HasElementNames

Get name of grid.

HasElementNames::getGridRowName() — Method in class HasElementNames
HasElementNames::getSelectAllName() — Method in class HasElementNames
HasElementNames::getPerPageName() — Method in class HasElementNames
HasElementNames::getGridBatchName() — Method in class HasElementNames
HasElementNames::getExportSelectedName() — Method in class HasElementNames
HasElementNames::getSelectedRowsName() — Method in class HasElementNames
HasExport::getExportUrl() — Method in class HasExport

Get the export url.

HasExport::getExporter() — Method in class HasExport
HasFilter::getFilter() — Method in class HasFilter
$ AbstractDisplayer#gridProperty in class AbstractDisplayer
AbstractDisplayer::getValue() — Method in class AbstractDisplayer
AbstractDisplayer::getGrid() — Method in class AbstractDisplayer
AbstractDisplayer::getColumn() — Method in class AbstractDisplayer
AbstractDisplayer::getKey() — Method in class AbstractDisplayer

Get key of current row.

AbstractDisplayer::getResource() — Method in class AbstractDisplayer

Get url path of current resource.

$ Exporter#gridProperty in class Exporter
Exporter::getExporter() — Method in class Exporter

Get export driver.

Exporter::getDefaultExporter() — Method in class Exporter

Get default exporter.

$ AbstractExporter#gridProperty in class AbstractExporter
AbstractExporter::getTable() — Method in class AbstractExporter

Get table of grid.

AbstractExporter::getData() — Method in class AbstractExporter

Get data with export query.

AbstractExporter::getCollection() — Method in class AbstractExporter
AbstractExporter::getQuery() — Method in class AbstractExporter
CsvExporter::getHeaderRowFromRecords() — Method in class CsvExporter
CsvExporter::getFormattedRecord() — Method in class CsvExporter
Filter::getModel() — Method in class Filter

Get grid model.

Filter::getFilterId() — Method in class Filter

Get filter ID.

Filter::getName() — Method in class Filter
Filter::getScopes() — Method in class Filter

Get all filter scopes.

Filter::getCurrentScope() — Method in class Filter

Get current scope.

Filter::gt() — Method in class Filter
Filter::group() — Method in class Filter
$ AbstractFilter#groupProperty in class AbstractFilter
AbstractFilter::getId() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Get element id.

AbstractFilter::getColumn() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Get column name of current filter.

AbstractFilter::getValue() — Method in class AbstractFilter

Get value of current filter.

GroupClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter
Group::gt() — Method in class Group

Filter out greater then records.

GtClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter
DateTime::getOptions() — Method in class DateTime
Select::getElementClass() — Method in class Select
Select::getClass() — Method in class Select

Get form element class.

Scope::getLabel() — Method in class Scope

Get label.

Where::getQueryHash() — Method in class Where

Get the hash string of query closure.

$ Model#gridProperty in class Model
Model::getOriginalModel() — Method in class Model
Model::getPerPageName() — Method in class Model

Get the query string variable used to store the per-page.

Model::getPerPage() — Method in class Model

Get per-page number.

Model::getSortName() — Method in class Model

Get the query string variable used to store the sort.

Model::getGrid() — Method in class Model

Get parent gird instance.

Model::getRelation() — Method in class Model
Model::getConstraints() — Method in class Model

Get constraints.

Model::getTable() — Method in class Model

Get table of the model.

Model::getQueryBuilder() — Method in class Model
Model::get() — Method in class Model
Row::getKey() — Method in class Row

Get the value of the model's primary key.

Row::getRowAttributes() — Method in class Row

Get attributes in html format.

Row::getColumnAttributes() — Method in class Row

Get column attributes.

$ Tools#gridProperty in class Tools

Parent grid.

$ AbstractTool#gridProperty in class AbstractTool
AbstractTool::getGrid() — Method in class AbstractTool
$ BatchAction#gridProperty in class BatchAction
BatchAction::getTitle() — Method in class BatchAction
BatchAction::getToken() — Method in class BatchAction
BatchAction::getElementClass() — Method in class BatchAction
$ ColumnSelector#gridProperty in class ColumnSelector
ColumnSelector::getGridColumns() — Method in class ColumnSelector
$ ExportButton#gridProperty in class ExportButton
PerPageSelector::getOptions() — Method in class PerPageSelector

Get options for selector.

Selector::getSelectors() — Method in class Selector

Get all selectors.

TotalRow::getVisibleColumns() — Method in class TotalRow
HtmlParser::getPlainText() — Method in class HtmlParser
HtmlParser::getAttr() — Method in class HtmlParser
LogViewer::getFileName() — Method in class LogViewer
LogViewer::getFiles() — Method in class LogViewer
Payment::getError() — Method in class Payment
HasAssets::getManifestData() — Method in class HasAssets
HasAssets::getMinifiedCss() — Method in class HasAssets
HasAssets::getMinifiedJs() — Method in class HasAssets
PamTrait::getPam() — Method in class PamTrait
PolicyTrait::getPermissionMap() — Method in class PolicyTrait
RequestTrait::getReqUrl() — Method in class RequestTrait
RequestTrait::getResp() — Method in class RequestTrait
RequestTrait::getParam() — Method in class RequestTrait
RequestTrait::getReqResp() — Method in class RequestTrait
RequestTrait::getReqLog() — Method in class RequestTrait
DefaultUploadProvider::getDestination() — Method in class DefaultUploadProvider
DefaultUploadProvider::getUrl() — Method in class DefaultUploadProvider
DefaultUploadProvider::getReturnUrl() — Method in class DefaultUploadProvider
FormWidget::getVariables() — Method in class FormWidget

Get variables for render form.

$ LoginBannedEvent#guardProperty in class LoginBannedEvent
$ LoginSuccessEvent#guardProperty in class LoginSuccessEvent
$ FormMailStore#groupProperty in class FormMailStore
$ FormSettingBase#groupProperty in class FormSettingBase
FormSettingBase::getGroup() — Method in class FormSettingBase
$ FormSettingPam#groupProperty in class FormSettingPam
$ FormSettingSite#groupProperty in class FormSettingSite
$ FormSettingUpload#groupProperty in class FormSettingUpload
$ ListBase#gridProperty in class ListBase
ListBase::getColumns() — Method in class ListBase
PamAccount::getJWTIdentifier() — Method in class PamAccount

Get the identifier that will be stored in the subject claim of the JWT.

PamAccount::getJWTCustomClaims() — Method in class PamAccount

Return a key value array, containing any custom claims to be added to the JWT.

PamAccount::getIdByUsername() — Method in class PamAccount

根据 Username 获取账户ID

PamAccount::getTypeById() — Method in class PamAccount

允许缓存, 获取账户类型, 因为账户类型不会变化

$ PamPermission#groupProperty in class PamPermission
PamRole::getAccountTypeByRoleId() — Method in class PamRole

通过角色来获取账户类型, 由于角色在单条处理中不会存在变化, 故而可以进行静态缓存

PamRole::getLinear() — Method in class PamRole
PamRole::getAll() — Method in class PamRole
PamRoleAccount::getRoleIdByAccountId() — Method in class PamRoleAccount

通过账户id 获取角色id, 加入角色ID 缓存

PamToken::getInstance() — Method in class PamToken

获取示例, 用于中间件的数据传输

PamToken::getItemById() — Method in class PamToken
$ SysConfig#groupProperty in class SysConfig
SettingFacade::getFacadeAccessor() — Method in class SettingFacade
SettingRepository::get() — Method in class SettingRepository
SettingRepository::getNG() — Method in class SettingRepository
$ FormSettingVersion#groupProperty in class FormSettingVersion


UserMobileCommand::handle() — Method in class UserMobileCommand

Execute the console command.

FormBaseWidget::handle() — Method in class FormBaseWidget

Handle the form request.

FormEntrance::handle() — Method in class FormEntrance

Handle the form request.

ApiDocController::how() — Method in class ApiDocController
RespController::header() — Method in class RespController
HeaderControllerClass in namespace Demo\Http\Request\Web
HelperControllerClass in namespace Demo\Http\Request\Web
HomeControllerClass in namespace Demo\Http\Request\Web
PassportVerifyListener::handle() — Method in class PassportVerifyListener

Handle the event.

$ DemoWebapp#handleProperty in class DemoWebapp
SendSmsProgress::handle() — Method in class SendSmsProgress
$ AdPlace#heightProperty in class AdPlace
SenderJob::handle() — Method in class SenderJob

Execute the job.

Area::hasChild() — Method in class Area
InitCommand::handle() — Method in class InitCommand
FormAreaEstablish::handle() — Method in class FormAreaEstablish
ClearCacheListener::handle() — Method in class ClearCacheListener
$ SysArea#has_childProperty in class SysArea
CreateIndexCommand::handle() — Method in class CreateIndexCommand
ImportCommand::handle() — Method in class ImportCommand
MonitorCommand::handle() — Method in class MonitorCommand
DocCommand::handle() — Method in class DocCommand

Execute the console command.

InspectCommand::handle() — Method in class InspectCommand

Execute the console command.

OpCommand::handle() — Method in class OpCommand

Execute the console command.

PermissionCommand::handle() — Method in class PermissionCommand

Command Handler.

PersistCommand::handle() — Method in class PersistCommand

Execute the console command.

ClearCacheListener::handle() — Method in class ClearCacheListener
ModuleManager::has() — Method in class ModuleManager

Check for module exist.

ModuleManager::hooks() — Method in class ModuleManager
RbacUserContract::hasRole() — Method in class RbacUserContract

Checks if the user has a role by its name.

RbacAbility::handle() — Method in class RbacAbility

Handle an incoming request.

RbacPermission::handle() — Method in class RbacPermission

Handle an incoming request.

RbacRole::handle() — Method in class RbacRole

Handle an incoming request.

PermissionManager::has() — Method in class PermissionManager
Rbac::hasRole() — Method in class Rbac

Checks if the current user has a role by its name

RbacRoleTrait::hasPermission() — Method in class RbacRoleTrait

Checks if the role has a permission by its name.

RbacUserTrait::hasRole() — Method in class RbacUserTrait

Checks if the user has a role by its name.

RdsNative::hDel() — Method in class RdsNative

删除哈希表 key 中的一个或多个指定域,不存在的域将被忽略。

RdsNative::hExists() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::hGet() — Method in class RdsNative

返回哈希表中给定域的值, 支持数组的返回

RdsNative::hGetAll() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::hSet() — Method in class RdsNative

设置哈希表 如果是 在事务中运行, 则返回 queue.

RdsNative::hSetNx() — Method in class RdsNative

当且仅当域 field 尚未存在于哈希表的情况下, 将它的值设置为 value 。 如果给定域已经存在于哈希表当中, 那么命令将放弃执行设置操作。 如果哈希表 hash 不存在, 那么一个新的哈希表将被创建并执行 HSETNX 命令。

RdsNative::hLen() — Method in class RdsNative

返回哈希表 key 中域的数量

RdsNative::hStrLen() — Method in class RdsNative

返回哈希表 key 中, 与给定域 field 相关联的值的字符串长度(string length)。 如果给定的键或者域不存在, 那么命令返回 0

RdsNative::hIncrBy() — Method in class RdsNative

为哈希表 key 中的域 field 的值加上增量 increment 。 增量也可以为负数,相当于对给定域进行减法操作。 如果 key 不存在,一个新的哈希表被创建并执行 HINCRBY 命令。 如果域 field 不存在,那么在执行命令前,域的值被初始化为 0 。 对一个储存字符串值的域 field 执行 HINCRBY 命令将造成一个错误。

RdsNative::hIncrByFloat() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::hMGet() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::hMSet() — Method in class RdsNative
RdsNative::hScan() — Method in class RdsNative

对于 Hscan 存在的 count 失效的问题可以查看

RdsNative::hKeys() — Method in class RdsNative

返回哈希表 key 中的所有域

RdsNative::hVals() — Method in class RdsNative

获取所有值, 支持数组的传入和获取

AopCertClient::hex2dec() — Method in class AopCertClient
WxPayNotify::Handle() — Method in class WxPayNotify
$ Generator#hexColorProperty in class Generator
Color::hexColor() — Method in class Color
Color::hslColor() — Method in class Color
Color::hslColorAsArray() — Method in class Color
HtmlLoremClass in namespace Poppy\Faker\Provider
ConsoleTable::headers() — Method in class ConsoleTable

Set headers for the columns in one-line

ConsoleTable::hideBorder() — Method in class ConsoleTable

Hide table border

HasAttributesTraitClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Classes\Traits

Trait HasAttributes.

PoppyDisableCommand::handle() — Method in class PoppyDisableCommand

Execute the console command.

PoppyEnableCommand::handle() — Method in class PoppyEnableCommand

Execute the console command.

$ PoppyListCommand#headersProperty in class PoppyListCommand

The table headers for the command.

PoppyListCommand::handle() — Method in class PoppyListCommand

Execute the console command.

PoppyMigrateCommand::handle() — Method in class PoppyMigrateCommand

Execute the console command.

PoppyMigrateRefreshCommand::handle() — Method in class PoppyMigrateRefreshCommand

Execute the console command.

PoppyMigrateResetCommand::handle() — Method in class PoppyMigrateResetCommand

Execute the console command.

PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand::handle() — Method in class PoppyMigrateRollbackCommand

Execute the console command.

PoppyOptimizeCommand::handle() — Method in class PoppyOptimizeCommand

Execute the console command.

PoppySeedCommand::handle() — Method in class PoppySeedCommand

Execute the console command.

MakeMigrationCommand::handle() — Method in class MakeMigrationCommand

Execute the console command.

MakeModelCommand::handle() — Method in class MakeModelCommand

Execute the console command.

MakePoppyCommand::handle() — Method in class MakePoppyCommand

Execute the console command.

HintExceptionClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Exceptions

提示类异常 用于 constructor 中抛出异常

Application::hasDatabase() — Method in class Application
HandlerClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Foundation\Exception

poppy handler

$ Handler#handlersProperty in class Handler

All of the register exception handlers.

Handler::handlesException() — Method in class Handler

Determine if the given handler handles this exception.

Handler::hints() — Method in class Handler

Determine if the given handler type hints the exception.

CookieHelper::has() — Method in class CookieHelper
EnvHelper::host() — Method in class EnvHelper
HtmlHelperClass in namespace Poppy\Framework\Helper

Methods that may be useful for processing HTML tasks

StrHelper::hasSpace() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::htmlSpecialChars() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::hideContact() — Method in class StrHelper
StrHelper::hideEmail() — Method in class StrHelper
UtilHelper::hasSpace() — Method in class UtilHelper
UtilHelper::hasTag() — Method in class UtilHelper

检测代码中是否含有 html 标签

EnableCrossRequest::handle() — Method in class EnableCrossRequest

Middleware handler.

MixCommand::handle() — Method in class MixCommand

Execute the console command.

HomeControllerClass in namespace Poppy\MgrPage\Http\Request\Backend
HashMapContractClass in namespace Poppy\SensitiveWord\Classes\Contracts
HashMapClass in namespace Poppy\SensitiveWord\Classes\Sensitive
$ HashMap#hashTableProperty in class HashMap
InitCommand::handle() — Method in class InitCommand
FormSensWordEstablish::handle() — Method in class FormSensWordEstablish
Sso::handle() — Method in class Sso
Action::html() — Method in class Action
Form::hidden() — Method in class Form
$ Response#htmlProperty in class Response
Response::html() — Method in class Response

Send a html response.

RowAction::href() — Method in class RowAction
JwtAuthGuard::hasValidCredentials() — Method in class JwtAuthGuard

Determine if the user matches the credentials.

ProgressContract::handle() — Method in class ProgressContract
Form::header() — Method in class Form
Form::handleColumnUpdates() — Method in class Form

Handle updates for single column.

Form::handleEditable() — Method in class Form

Handle editable update.

Form::handleFileDelete() — Method in class Form
Form::handleFileSort() — Method in class Form
Form::handleOrderable() — Method in class Form

Handle orderable update.

Form::hidden() — Method in class Form
Form::hasMany() — Method in class Form
Form::html() — Method in class Form
$ Builder#hiddenFieldsProperty in class Builder
Builder::hasRows() — Method in class Builder

If the parant form has rows.

Builder::hasFile() — Method in class Builder

Determine if form fields has files.

EmbeddedForm::hidden() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::hasMany() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
EmbeddedForm::html() — Method in class EmbeddedForm
$ Field#helpProperty in class Field

Help block.

$ Field#horizontalProperty in class Field

If the form horizontal layout.

Field::help() — Method in class Field

Set help block for current field.

HasManyClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field

Class HasMany.

HiddenClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
HtmlClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form\Field
$ Html#htmlProperty in class Html
Listbox::height() — Method in class Listbox

Set listbox height.

MultipleFile::hydrateFiles() — Method in class MultipleFile

Hydrate the files array.

HasHooksClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Form
$ HasHooks#hooksProperty in class HasHooks

Supported hooks: submitted, editing, saving, saved, deleting, deleted.

NestedForm::hidden() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::hasMany() — Method in class NestedForm
NestedForm::html() — Method in class NestedForm
$ Column#htmlAttributesProperty in class Column
Column::hide() — Method in class Column

当前列存在, 但是数据暂时隐藏掉

Column::hasDisplayCallbacks() — Method in class Column

If has display callbacks.

Column::htmlEntityEncode() — Method in class Column

Convert characters to HTML entities recursively.

HasHeaderClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Column
$ HasHeader#headersProperty in class HasHeader
$ CanHidesColumns#hiddenColumnsProperty in class CanHidesColumns

Default columns be hidden.

CanHidesColumns::hideColumns() — Method in class CanHidesColumns

Setting default shown columns on grid.

HasActionsClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns
HasElementNamesClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns
HasExportClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns
HasExport::handleExportRequest() — Method in class HasExport

Handle export request.

HasFilterClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns
HasQuickButtonClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns
HasQuickSearchClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns

Trait HasQuickSearch.

HasSelectorClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns
HasToolsClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns
HasTotalRowClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Concerns
Filter::hidden() — Method in class Filter
HiddenClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Grid\Filter
Model::handleInvalidPage() — Method in class Model

If current page is greater than last page, then redirect to last page.

HtmlParserClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes

Copyright (c) 2013, 俊杰Jerry All rights reserved.

HasAssetsClass in namespace Poppy\System\Classes\Traits
$ HasAssets#htmlProperty in class HasAssets
$ HasAssets#headerJsProperty in class HasAssets
HasAssets::headerJs() — Method in class HasAssets

Add js or get all js.

HasAssets::html() — Method in class HasAssets
FormWidget::hasField() — Method in class FormWidget

Determine if the form has field type.

FormWidget::hasFile() — Method in class FormWidget

Determine if form fields has files.

FormWidget::hidden() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::html() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::hook() — Method in class FormWidget
FormWidget::handle() — Method in class FormWidget
InstallCommand::handle() — Method in class InstallCommand

Execute the console command.

UserCommand::handle() — Method in class UserCommand

Execute the console command.

HandlerClass in namespace Poppy\System\Http\Exception
$ Handler#handlersProperty in class Handler

All of the register exception handlers.

FormBanEstablish::handle() — Method in class FormBanEstablish
FormMailTest::handle() — Method in class FormMailTest
FormPamDisable::handle() — Method in class FormPamDisable
FormPamEnable::handle() — Method in class FormPamEnable
FormPamEstablish::handle() — Method in class FormPamEstablish
FormPamPassword::handle() — Method in class FormPamPassword
FormPassword::handle() — Method in class FormPassword
FormRoleEstablish::handle() — Method in class FormRoleEstablish
FormSettingBase::handle() — Method in class FormSettingBase
ListBase::handleGetMutatorColumn() — Method in class ListBase

Handle get mutator column for grid.

ListBase::handleRelationColumn() — Method in class ListBase

Handle relation column for grid.

AppSign::handle() — Method in class AppSign

Handle an incoming request.

Authenticate::handle() — Method in class Authenticate
AuthenticateSession::handle() — Method in class AuthenticateSession
AuthenticateSession::hashKey() — Method in class AuthenticateSession

Password hash key

Ban::handle() — Method in class Ban
CrossRequest::handle() — Method in class CrossRequest

Middleware handler.

DisabledPam::handle() — Method in class DisabledPam

Handle an incoming request.

JwtAuthenticate::handle() — Method in class JwtAuthenticate
SiteOpen::handle() — Method in class SiteOpen

Handle an incoming request.

Sso::handle() — Method in class Sso
DeleteUploadFileJob::handle() — Method in class DeleteUploadFileJob
NotifyJob::handle() — Method in class NotifyJob
LogoutLogListener::handle() — Method in class LogoutLogListener

Handle the event.

LogListener::handle() — Method in class LogListener
UpdateLastLoginListener::handle() — Method in class UpdateLastLoginListener
UpdatePasswordHashListener::handle() — Method in class UpdatePasswordHashListener
SsoListener::handle() — Method in class SsoListener

Handle the event.

InitToDbListener::handle() — Method in class InitToDbListener
ClearCacheListener::handle() — Method in class ClearCacheListener
FormVersionEstablish::handle() — Method in class FormVersionEstablish


DemoController::index() — Method in class DemoController
ContentController::index() — Method in class ContentController
DemoController::index() — Method in class DemoController
EnvHelperController::index() — Method in class EnvHelperController